Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cal State Fullerton offer a part-time MSW program?

Yes. We offer the MSW Flex program at the CSUF Irvine campus. The program can be completed in three years, with some flexibility. These courses are offered on weekday evenings. More information is available at the   MSW Flex Program website.

I have my bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW). Will I get advanced standing in the MSW program?

Unfortunately, we do not offer advanced standing for BSWs at this time. BSWs are required to complete the entire two-year curriculum.

I’m still finishing up my undergraduate degree and will not graduate until after the application deadline. Do I need to send official transcripts since I’m still attending classes?

You may send unofficial transcripts to the Department of Social Work with your MSW program application. However, the University Admissions and Records office requires official transcripts for your University application. All applicants must have received their baccalaureate degree by the end of the Spring semester prior to beginning the MSW program.

Are there any prerequisites to the MSW program?

It is recommended that all applicants to the MSW program have an educational foundation in the liberal arts/social sciences. Applicants that have a baccalaureate from a California State University or University of California institution have fulfilled this requirement. All other applicants must provide evidence of previous coursework sufficient to fulfill this prerequisite. More information is available at the following link:   Educational Foundation WorksheetPDF File .

How often and when do classes meet?

Each semester's courseload for the MSW program at the Fullerton campus is 15 units, with each class meeting once per week. In addition to the academic coursework, there is 16-20 hours of field education per week. In a typical week, students are on campus 2/3 days for classes and off campus 2 full days for fieldwork.

In the MSW Flex program, classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. The fieldwork component of the MSW Flex program (16-20 hours per week) is fulfilled during normal work hours.

Are there going to be any workshops to learn more about the program, the cost of attending, and the application process?

Yes. Information sessions are held periodically. Dates will be announced on the home page of MSW website in the annoucements box.

Is the Graduate Record Examination required for admission?

No. The General Test of the Graduate Record Examination is an optional component of the MSW program application.

Does the MSW program offer CalSWEC stipends?

Yes.  Information regarding the   CalSWEC stipends   is posted on the MSW website.

Do you require a background check for your students?

Yes. Many of our field agencies require background clearance and health status. All students will complete a background questionnaire, LiveScan, and TB testing before being admitted to field education.

Do I need to find my own fieldwork site?

No. All students will be placed in fieldwork agencies affiliated with the MSW program. Students will be matched with agencies by fieldwork faculty to ensure a well-rounded and varied clinical experience.