Bienestar Social Work with Latinx Certificate Program


The Bienestar Social Work with Latinx Certificate within the CSUF Master of Social Work program offers a certificate program for MSW students who want additional training in working with the Latinx population. The program aims to prepare future social workers to use their social work skills to promote the bienestar or well-being of the Latinx population at the individual , community , and policy levels .


Through specialized courses and field placement, students develop bicultural and bilingual competencies that help prepare them to work in a culturally responsive way with the Latino/x community.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will increase their knowledge and understanding of the historical, political, and economic factors affecting the Latinx community in the Southern California region.
  2. Students will practice and improve their clinical Spanish-language skills.
  3. Students will develop clinical skills to provide culturally responsive services to Latinx clients.
  4. Students will increase their understanding of the importance of community and policy advocacy practice to promote the well-being of Latinx communities.

With a Social Work with Latinos/x certificate, you will: 

  1. Be able to demonstrate your clinical and Spanish-language skills to work with Latino/x clients.
  2. Understand the socio political and economic factors affecting the Latinx community.
  3. Be better equipped to work in agencies that serve Latinx clients.



The Bienestar Social Work with Latinx certificate program does not require any supplementary courses beyond the MSW course prerequisites. Students in the certificate program will be required to enroll in courses that emphasize social work practice with Latinx clients and communities.

The courses required for the completion of the certificate program include the following:

  • MSW 578 - Social Work Practice with Latino/a Populations (3), which prepares social workers for practice with Latino/x clients and communities by focusing on developing awareness, knowledge and culturally responsive social work skills.
  • MSW 575 - International Social Work (3) is a short-term service-learning experience abroad where students learn about concepts and practice issues regarding social work and social welfare practice with Latino/x communities from a global perspective.
  • MSW 542 and 543, are field seminar courses with a specialized emphasis on clinical practice with Latinx clients and communities
  • Advanced Year Field Placement at an agency predominantly serving Spanish-speaking Latinx clients



To be eligible for the Bienestar Social Work with Latinos/x Certificate Program, candidates:

  • Must be registered and enrolled in the CSUF MSW program.
  • Must be in good academic standing (e.g., GPA of 3.0 or better)
  • Must complete the Bienestar Social Work with Latinos/x Certificate program application
  • Must have the ability to engage in conversational-level Spanish


For more information, please email:
Erica Lizano, Ph.D., MSW, MPA

Program Application Here: Bienestar ApplicationOpens in new window

Application Due : February 9, 2024