Mission & Goals



Community Engagement, Inclusion, Social Justice

Mission Statement

The mission of the Social Work Program at California State University, Fullerton is to educate emerging and committed professionals for social work practice with vulnerable, marginalized, and underrepresented populations. We are committed to developing competent, ethical, and effective social workers who will promote integrity in the profession and provide leadership in advancing social work knowledge, promoting scientific inquiry and evidence-based practice, addressing social problems, and advocating for social justice. We engage communities and organizations in an effort to educate developing professional social workers while offering the wider community relevant expertise and assistance. We believe in the inclusion of individuals and groups from socially, culturally, and economically diverse environments, with special sensitivity to the multicultural communities of Orange County and the Southern California region. We also educate students toward a greater understanding of social work, human rights, and social justice from a global perspective.  

Core Values

Service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence


  1. Promote faculty, student, and community collaboration in research
  2. Promote and integrate social and economic justice across the curriculum
  3. Advance an innovative and effective program led by competent and diverse faculty
  4. Enhance engagement with diverse communities through mutually empowering partnerships
  5. Prepare students to become leaders in effecting change