Student Testimonials



Brianna Evans CSUF MSW c/o 2015

The CSUF MSW program provided me with the knowledge and tools necessary to take my social work career to the next level. I greatly enjoyed the curriculum of the program, as well as the emphasis on peer support and collaboration. The CSUF MSW program is a fantastic choice for prospective students, as the program provides multiple emphasis options, phenomenal support, and guidance from faculty, and allows for everlasting connections to be made with other cohort members and community agencies. I was able to intern at well-rounded agencies in the community while in the MSW program, which allowed for me to develop my professional skills to assist me in achieving my ultimate career goal of becoming an LCSW. I am now a therapist for an outpatient telehealth company and get to do what I love and sought out to do everyday!

Phuong Le_Headshot_updated

Phuong K. Le CSUF MSW c/o 2023 

As someone who has worked in the social work field for over ten years, I was hesitant t return to school. Attending the MSW program at CSUF was the best career decision. I chose the Social Work program at CSUF because of the emphasis on diversity and cultur humility. This welcoming environment allows me to be my authentic self while pursuing higher education as a queer ethnic minority. The MSW program curriculum, CSUF professors, and cohort have tremendously supported my growth as a social worker. I have gained essential clinical skills to extend my capabilities as a professional. It is also humbling to learn from my cohort's younger individuals, who have given me different perspectives on social work practice. I cannot wait to see what my final year of graduat school has in store for me.


Clarissa Leyva CSUF MSW c/o 2022

The CSUF Allied Health Academy, Health Careers Opportunities Program (HCOP) supported me in navigating graduate school as a first-generation college student. They offered support from former alumni and faculty. Most importantly, the program relieved financial stressors through a generous stipend, which allowed me to place more focus on completing the Master of Social Work program. Through this program, I was able to open the door to interdisciplinary health care services and landed an opportunity to intern at the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.


Iman Saymeh CSUF MSW c/o 2015