calswec students

CalSWEC (Title IV-E) Program 

CalSWEC was created in 1990 by a partnership of social work educators and practitioners dedicated to developing a professional social service workforce to effectively serve California's diverse population of children and families. 

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program provides professional education and student support through its Title IV-E Stipend Program to graduate and undergraduate social work students preparing for the field of public child welfare. The spirit of this stipend program is to support the education of students who are interested in a social work career in the Public Child Welfare sector. Students who receive the stipend gain a knowledge base and experience working in a county child welfare agency to prepare them for a career in this arena. Students who receive the stipend commit to working repayment in a county child welfare agency upon graduation from the MSW program. 



Applicants for the 2-year program must declare Child Welfare as their concentration in order to apply for CALSWEC.
Applicants for the MSW Flex program CalSWEC program, must currently be an employee of a public child welfare services agency in California & be able to obtain a letter of support from their program. 

Applicants must complete the CalSWEC portion of the online MSW program application. CalSWEC applications will only be processed once you are accepted to the MSW program at Cal State Fullerton and have confirmed that you will be attending. 


GSWEC Program 

The Southern California Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium (GSWEC) is the nation’s first integrated regional network aimed at improving geriatric social work education and field training. The goal of GSWEC’s internship program is to increase the number of students who specialize in working with older adults by developing “aging- rich” field internships in the graduate social work education programs within both Los Angeles and Orange County. Ultimately the goal is also to increase the number of social workers who are prepared to be leaders in the field of aging. 



Applicants must declare Aging as their concentration in order to apply for GSWEC. Applications for GSWEC will be available for students before entering their second-year internship placement. 


BHEAL Program

CSUF B-HEAL program offers specialized training to MSW students at the California State University Fullerton. The B-HEAL program aims to train and expand the behavioral health workforce in integrated care settings. Students gain rich experience working collaboratively in these settings while learning about integrated trauma-informed behavioral health care for underserved groups. 



Applications for the BHEAL program open during the Spring semester while students are in the process of applying for their advanced year field placement. Students must be accepted by both the department and a BHEAL partner agency in order to be accepted into BHEAL for their final year in the program. More program information on the BHEAL is available here Opens in new window


HCOP Program 

The Allied Health Academy, Health Care Opportunities Program (HCOP) aims to increase underrepresented, first- generation students including Latinos, Pacific Islanders, and Southeast Asians in healthcare professions. 



Applications become available during the Fall semester for first-year students. Student must commit to the 2-year program. More information on the HCOP program is available here Opens in new window