Congratulations to the MSW Class of 2020!


A special message from Dr. Mikyong Kim-Goh, California State University, Fullerton, MSW Program Chair:


MSW director Mikyong Kim Goh

We are so proud of our graduates! During this time of great stress, and through multiple challenges, each one of our graduates persevered in their studies and field placements in a manner that highlights their resilience, strength and flexibility. We wish our graduating students great success in their futures, and we welcome each of them as colleagues.

Welcome to the social work profession!
mikyong signature
Mikyong Kim-Goh, PhD, LCSW
Professor and Chair, Department of Social Work


We are still celebrating you and all of your achievements despite the distance, explore the links below to find speeches by our esteeemed speakers and browse the poster presentations to find out what our MSW students are most passionate about. 


A Special Message from the MSW Faculty and Staff



Graduation Speeches


A Message from our Program Founding Chair Dr. David Cherin



Inspiring Messages from our Student Representatives


A message from the MSWA President, Hannah Dea


A message from the Fullerton Campus student representation, Fatima Perez


A message from the Irvine Campus student representative, Iman Saymeh