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Strategic Planning


The College of Health and Human Development’s strategic plan is a roadmap created to guide the College’s priorities over the next five years. It was developed through a collaborative, inclusive, and transparent process. The plan builds on the College’s strengths and previous achievements and sets forth new objectives and strategies under four key goals.


The College of Health and Human Development values diversity and inclusion, collaboration, academic excellence, discovery, and accountability.


We aspire to foster future leaders committed to equitable and best practices that improve the human condition in a diverse society.


Our mission is to prepare students to thrive in a globalized era in their chosen field. We provide education, conduct research, and engage diverse communities to advance human health, development, and well-being.
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Goal 1: Promote Academic Excellence and Student Success

Objective 1.1 Promote Instructional and Curricular Excellence


  • Foster interprofessional education and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Identify and implement opportunities for enhanced high-impact practices
  • Develop online resource of faculty/staff areas of teaching expertise & existing collaborations

Objective 1.2 Promote Undergraduate and Graduate Student Success


  • Assess current practices and identify strategies to improve undergraduate and graduate student writing
  • Identify and address needs and opportunities to support graduate student success
  • Facilitate progress toward HHD GI 2025 benchmarks

Goal 2: Foster a Culture of Discovery and Innovation

Objective 2.1 Support Research/Scholarly Activities and Collaboration


  • Evaluate and develop programs to support faculty, staff, and students engaged in research/scholarly activities
  • Develop online resource of faculty/staff areas of research interest and expertise
  • Assist faculty and staff in navigating post-award support activities

Objective 2.2 Promote Innovations in Teaching and Learning


  • Work with campus partners to develop and promote innovative instructional resources
  • Share innovative teaching practices within the college to enhance learning

Goal 3: Enhance College Climate and Culture of Inclusion

Objective 3.1 Foster an Inclusive Environment


  • Provide opportunities for students, staff, faculty, and alumni to increase professional and social engagement within the college
  • Provide opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to strengthen cultural competence
  • Facilitate mentoring opportunities for students, staff, and faculty

Objective 3.2 Recruit, Support, and Retain a High Quality and Culturally Diverse Faculty and Staff


  • Recognize accomplishments of staff and faculty
  • Identify and develop best practices regarding recruitment, hiring, and retention

Goal 4: Advance the Impact of the College

Objective 4.1 Build and Strengthen Industry and Community Partnerships


  • Assess opportunities for new or strengthened community partnerships
  • Develop and implement college-wide plan for engaging and working with community partners

Objective 4.2 Enhance the Profile of the College


  • Develop and implement college communication plan
  • Publicize the expertise and accomplishments of faculty, staff, emeriti, students, and alumni

Objective 4.3 Develop a Culture of Philanthropy


  • Provide opportunities for faculty, staff, emeriti, students, and alumni to learn about and engage in philanthropic planning and activities
  • Create, implement, and share annual development plan within college