HHD Theme Housing Community


2019 living and learning community membersThe Theme Housing Community is designed for College of Health and Human Development majors or minors (child and adolescent studies, public health, human services, kinesiology, and nursing students).


What was your favorite part of living in the HHD Themed Housing?

 "Living on the Theme Floor provided me opportunities I wouldn't have received living on team at the faira different floor. The floor also established a sense of community and success  among my floor-mates."

- Julia Villanueva                      2018-2019

team at a fair

 "The Theme Floor connected me with friends of my major who I can take classes with. It also connected me to faculty within HHD, campus resources, and clubs specific to HHD."

- Dezray Campos, 2018-2019


dorm mates hanging out "Living on the HHD Themed Floor supplied me with numerous networking opportunities with faculty and staff. It also helped me become acquainted with CSUF and all it has to offer!

- Macy Reza, 2017-2018

Benefits of the Theme Housing Community include:

  • Involvement and connection with college/department and like-minded peers.
  • Programs and events designed specifically for HHD Residents.
  • GE and Major advising with student peers and faculty.
  • Resume and Career workshops.
  • Fun and engaging activities hosted by the Resident Adviser.
  • And much more!