Scott K. Lynn Scott K. Lynn, PhD


Location: KHS 224
Telephone: (657) 278-7779
Fax: (657) 278-5317

Couse Taught:
KNES 360 – Movement Anatomy
KNES 463 – Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injuries

Dr. Scott K. Lynn, PhD was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has been involved with sport, physical activity and exercise throughout his life. He played on the varsity ice hockey, baseball, golf and football teams during high school and had a keen interest in science which brought him to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada to pursue a dual undergraduate degree in both Physical and Health Education (BPHE) and Life Sciences (BSc). During his time at Queen’s he was also a member of the varsity golf, football and lacrosse teams. Following his playing days, he continued his involvement in varsity athletics as an assistant coach of the men’s and women’s varsity golf teams. After his undergraduate degree, he continued to do an MSc followed by a PhD in orthopedic biomechanics at Queen’s University.  His research concentrated on examining the mechanical factors that are involved with the development and progression of knee osteoarthritis and how this process may be slowed through exercise and modifications to basic activities of daily living.  He then went to the University of Waterloo to do a six-month post-doctoral fellowship that concentrated on examining whether those with knee osteoarthritis make compensations in their movement patterns that may put their back at an increased risk of injury. Also, during his doctoral and post-doctoral studies, he worked in several clinical and fitness settings doing exercise prescription for a variety of clients from the frail older adult to the elite athlete.

His work also includes:

  • Co-Director for the Center for Sport Performance in the school of Kinesiology.  Through this role he coordinates bi-annual physical testing for the Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club of the National Hockey League (NHL) involving many student volunteers.
  • Director of Research and Education for Swing Catalyst (a Norwegian based company marketing video analysis software, as well as pressure and force plate technology to teachers/coaches in golf and baseball).  He is also a biomechanics consultant to many of the top golf coaches on the PGA tour. 
  • Biomechanics consultant to Mad Apparel Inc. – Athos wearable surface EMG and accelerometer technologies.
  • Biomechanics Section Editor – Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM)
  • Associate Editor – Golf Science
  • Associate Editor – Strength and Conditioning Journal

Interest Area:

  • The mechanical examination of human movement patterns and how they relate to the development of musculoskeletal injury and degenerative disease.
  • The potential application of movement pattern correction exercises in improving athletic performance and in slowing/preventing the onset of injury and degenerative disease.
  • A biomechanical analysis of the stresses on the body during the golf swing and how this may be used to develop a safer and more effective swing and a golf specific exercise program.
  • Examination of golf Ground Reaction Forces and Pressures in order to improve golf teaching/coaching and club fitting.