Robert Kersey Robert Kersey, PhD, ATC


Location: KHS 239
Telephone: (657) 278-2676


Advising Area:
Athletic Training Education Program

Couse Taught:
KNES 375: Management of Sport/Exercise Emergencies
KNES 451: Sports Medicine
KNES: 465: Administration & Leadership in Athletic Training

Before coming to Cal State Fullerton in 1997, he was an Associate Professor in Human Performance at San Jose State University. Dr. Kersey received his doctoral degree from the University of New Mexico. His dissertation topic involved the incidence of anabolic-androgenic steroids use among community college student-athletes. He served as the athletic trainer at Hartnell College (82 – 95), in addition to Santa Rita High School (81-82) and Oregon State University (80-81). Dr. Kersey earned his MS degree at The University of Arizona and his BS degree at Oregon State University. Presently, he is the Director for Cal State Fullerton’s nationally accredited (CAATE) undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program. Dr. Kersey currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Athletic Trainers’ Association – Research and Education Foundation. He also serves on the Editorial Board for the   Journal of Athletic Enhancement   and is a reviewer for the   Journal of Athletic Training. He served as the lead author on the NATA Position Statement on Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids. Dr. Kersey enjoys cycling, travel and adventure activities.  

Interest Area:  
Ergogenic aids used in sport and exercise, (pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, techniques…) sport pharmaceuticals/medicinals, and sports injury epidemiology.

Current projects:
Non-therapeutic anabolic-androgenic steroid / insulin / human growth hormone abuse and sport concussion assessment tool validation.