John Gleaves John Gleaves, PhD


Location: KHS 136
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Course(s) Taught:  
KNES 202: Introduction to Kinesiology
KNES 380: Philosophy of Human Movement
KNES 384: Sociology of Sport
KNES 481: The Sociocultural Study of the Olympic Games
KNES 483: Sport, Film, and Culture
KNES 516: Advanced Study of the Philosophical Perspectives on Human Movement


John Gleaves is a co-founder and current co-director for CSUF’s Center for Sociocultural Sport and Olympic Research and Associate Editor for the   Journal of Olympic Studies. He has authored and edited numerous books, the most recent being Doping in Cycling: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, with Bertrand Fincouer and Fabian Ohl, and Practical Philosophy and History of Sport and Physical Activity, with Scott Kretchmar, Mark Dyreson, and Matthew Llewellyn.

Gleaves’ primary research interest remains doping in sport, which he examines from a variety of sociocultural perspectives. Through his research expertise, Gleaves was appointed the co-director for the International Network for Doping Research from 2012 to 2019. Gleaves earned his doctoral degree from Pennsylvania State University in the History and Philosophy of Sport from the Department of Kinesiology. He earned his Bachelor of Arts as an Honors Scholar at Carroll College in Helena, Montana with a double major in Philosophy and Theology and a minor in History.

Interest Area:  

Doping and Performance Enhancing Substance Use in Sport
Bioethics of Sport
Gender and Transgender Issues
Olympic Games