Steps to Selecting Fieldwork Site for your Course


Download Steps to Selecting a Fieldwork site for your course Guide herePDF File



1-2 semesters prior to first fieldwork seminar course

Online – Dates to be provided on HUSR Portal and/or Fieldwork website prior to the beginning of each semester.

You need NOT attend an Orientation for your second or third fieldwork seminar course. 


1. Complete All Practicum Prerequisite Courses

Find prerequisites list herePDF File Opens in new window

Prerequisites must be completed in advance of registering for each Fieldwork course.  Concurrent enrollment is not allowed.


2. Enroll in Your Fieldwork Course

Enroll in the appropriate Fieldwork course, according to your timing in the program.  Remember that HUSR 396 must be completed prior to HUSR 495 and HUSR 495 must be completed prior to HUSR 496.   

Practicum Seminar - HUSR 396

Fieldwork Seminar - HUSR 495

Internship Seminar - HUSR 496



3. Prepare Your Resume & Cover Letter, and Have Them Reviewed by the Career Center

Career Center Website

The Career Center requests that you do this in the semester prior to your first fieldwork class.

This should be done prior to contacting your fieldwork sites so that you can incorporate the feedback and send out the best-emails and applications. 


4. Apply to a Minimum of 3-5 Fieldwork Sites

6-8 weeks prior to beginning semester. Failure to do so may result in the 120 hours of fieldwork not completed by the end of the semester.

Parameters for suitable internship positions: 

    • Choose a site that will provide experience in the advisement track you have selected
    • Minimum of 120 hours of fieldwork per semester while enrolled in seminar course (8-10 hours per week, on average)
    • Fieldwork must be completed on a regular basis (weekly)
    • Only hours completed during the semester are counted. You can start up to 20 hours of fieldwork prior to the semester (if you choose and your site agrees)
    • If more hours per week or a two-semester commitment are required from the internship site, it is up to the student to complete this requirement. Do not make a commitment if you cannot honor the requirements.
    • Weekly face-to-face supervision (1/2 hour per week) is a required part of the total 120 hours (ZOOM, Teams, FaceTime, or a similar communication platform may be utilized).
    • Some common HUSR Fieldwork Sites found on the CICE Website


Here are the most common methods of finding a site for your Fieldwork:

OPTION 1 – Titan Connection:

Pre-approved fieldwork opportunities
    1. Search Titan ConnectionOpens in new window Site by following the CICE Academic Internship Information CardOpens in new window
    2. If your position is listed as an “Academic Internship” on Titan Connection, it has already been approved and you may complete the CICE PlacementOpens in new window as soon as you accept the offer.
    3. Log in with your CSUF password, complete all the information requested, and select your site when prompted. All approved sites will be listed.  If your internship does not appear in the dropdown list when registering, contact the CICE OFFICE at (657)278-3746.

OPTION 2 – Public schools (View links under Internship Resources):

If selecting a school district, complete the Request for Registration and select the appropriate fields for your school district, when prompted.
    1. Request for Registration linkOpens in new window

Note: You must complete the registration forms for each internship (HUSR 396, 495, 496, or EDEL 315, even if you are using the same school/teacher.


OPTION 3 – Use of Employment - “What if I want to use my workplace as my FIELDWORK site?”

Students are allowed to use their workplaces for fieldwork sites if they meet the following four criteria:
    1. The workplace is registered and approved by CICE
    2. The student's fieldwork activity does NOT include any of the workplace activities that the student typically conducts at the site
    3. The student's fieldwork hours are NOT earned during hours that they are working at the site
    4. The student's fieldwork activity is appropriate and consistent with the requirements for all HUSR Fieldwork 

If your site is NOT registered (approved), you need to follow the directions in  Option 5  to have your site register your practicum. Allow a few weeks for this process to be approved. 


OPTION 4 – Short Term Study Abroad

You may complete your Fieldwork requirements abroad in our short-term study abroad opportunities, when available.  Contact the Human Services Department for more information at (657)278-8444.


OPTION 5 – Find Your Own Fieldwork

If you secure an internship outside of Titan Connection:
    1. If you found your internship outside of Titan Connection, your internship supervisor must submit a company profile and internship description to CICE in order to be approved.
    2. You can start the approval process by completing the online request formOpens in new window

An email with instructions will be sent to your site supervisor.  It is your duty to ensure their site is approved in a timely manner.  Contact CICE to confirm approval of internship site.  Please allow 1-3 weeks to finalize your site registration approval. Twenty-four hours after your site has been approved, you are able to proceed to CICE PLACEMENTOpens in new window .



NOTE: Students may not officially begin their hours at the Fieldwork site if they have not completed the CICE Placement and any hours completed prior must be approved by the student’s course instructor.  No more than 20 hours may be accrued prior to the beginning of the semester, but again, those must be approved by the student’s fieldwork course instructor.  Complete the CICE PlacementOpens in new window here.  Contact CICE at (657)278-3746 if you need assistance completing this step.



Review the course syllabus in detail and take note of all course requirements and instructions, including the 120 hours of Fieldwork experience needed for each semester.  Your Fieldwork Forms will be provided by your seminar instructor and to be completed by the assigned deadlines.  All courses in the HUSR major must be passed with a grade of C or better.  Also, if a student earns an Incomplete (I) in one semester of fieldwork, they are not allowed to enroll in the following Fieldwork course until the I is fulfilled.