Fieldwork Forms


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All students in their Practicum Seminar (HUSR 396), Fieldwork Seminar (HUSR 495), and Internship Seminar (HUSR 496) will be required to complete site forms. These forms are critical to the student’s progress throughout the semester and the successful completion of their fieldwork hours. Make sure you access and complete all forms throughout your internship semester and submit them by the due dates (review your syllabus, CANVAS announcements, or ask your instructor).



  • The Learning PlanPDF File Opens in new window - The Learning Plan is used to set the stage for what happens during the fieldwork placement. It provides a guide for the student, the agency-based supervisor, and the Fieldwork Seminar instructor.
  • The Hourly Recording FormPDF File Opens in new window – Use this form to record your 120 hours of required fieldwork. Your supervisor will verify your completed hours at the end of the semester and sign the form.
  • Student Evaluation of Agency and Supervisor – Near the end of the semester, you will evaluate your supervisor and the fieldwork site.  Click the link above to complete your evaluation on Qualtrics.
  • Supervisor Evaluation of Student – Your supervisor will evaluate your performance and provide feedback near the end of the semester.  Click the link above to find the evaluation on Qualtrics to share with your Supervisor.
  • End of Semester Evaluation Verification FormPDF File - You and your supervisor will complete this form together and you will submit this to your course instructor near the end of the semester.  This form requires both yours and your supervisor's signature and ensures that your supervisor has completed their evaluation of your work at the fieldwork site.


Once you download or receive these forms from your Fieldwork Instructor, you are responsible for the completion and submission of the forms by the due dates.  Check your syllabus and/or CANVAS for instructions. Your instructor may assign points associated with the submission of the forms.



You may provide a letter to a prospective agency that explains what a HUSR student is required to do at a site and details the academic expectations.  There is a contact person listed on the letter.

Letter from HUSR Department to Fieldwork SitePDF File Opens in new window