Treat the fieldwork like an extended interview.

Arrive 5-10 minutes early each workday. Dress just a tiny bit better than what is expected, while remaining appropriate for the company culture. Seek out opportunities to go above and beyond. Your agency supervisor is observing you as an intern.  There may an opportunity for employment as a result of your outstanding work ethic and positive attitude.

Be prepared.

Always carry a pen and paper so you can take notes or jot down detailed instructions.

Be proactive.

Ask (smart) questions. Volunteer for projects and take initiative.  If you find yourself with  down time, take it upon yourself to compose a list of potential projects or activities (create an intern manual, resource list, etc.) and pitch them to your supervisor for feedback. 

Seek out opportunities to make your supervisor’s job easier.

Anticipate  needs. Proofread everything (for errors, not for style). Stay up on industry trends  and competitor’s activities and be sure to comment on any late-breaking news that may be valuable to the organization.

Go outside of your comfort zone.

If you are not familiar with a particular career such as substance abuse, gerontology, or at-risk populations, then explore it in your fieldwork. This is your opportunity to see what you think of this possible career option.

Ask questions and request guidance.

The best way to learn and grow is to  request direction and feedback. Don’t take anything personally because you are  learning and this time in your career is about being mentored.

Follow the rules and guidelines of the site.

Make sure you are prepared to  be in a professional setting by maintaining your communication (both written and spoken) clear and respectful. If you experience any inappropriate interactions with clients or employees discuss your concerns with your Site Supervisor and your lecture Instructor.

Never, Never, transport a client, child or parent.

You are not allowed to transport any children or adults in your vehicle or site vehicle. You are not covered by this type of insurance and this is not allowed.