Susan Larsen

Susan Larsen

Assistant Professor
Office: EC-472
Phone: (657) 278-5065




Dr. Susan M. Larsen, Assistant Professor, Human Services. Dr. Larsen, is a tenure-track Assistant Professor and Co-Principal Investigator of the, "Transition to Teaching," grant through The United States Department of Education. She received her MSW from California State University, Long Beach in 1996 and her PhD in 2001 from  Claremont Graduate University in California, in Education with an emphasis in Cross Cultural Studies and Special Populations. She teaches required courses in the program that include: Introduction to Social Services, Community Projects, Fieldwork Practice, Human Behavior in Social Environments, and Social Work Practice. Research areas include: child abuse and domestic violence, disability and special populations, culture and homelessness.  Dr. Larsen's most recent publications include the co-authored articles: " Vietnamese Male Batterers and Non-batterers: Differences in Sociodemographic and Psychological Variables", and  "Depression in Elderly Vietnamese Immigrants: An Exploratory Study".  She has several articles on child abuse under review and is also in the process of completing a text on the topic of child abuse and neglect from a social work perspective.  Dr. Larsen consistently presents for The Department of Children and Family Services, Los Angeles as well as for local foster family agencies and group homes.   She also serves as a voluntary consultant for group homes serving disabled adults and children in Riverside County, California.

Research Interests:

Social Work; Child abuse, foster care, domestic violence, counseling, psychiatric disorders, and Persons with Disabilities.

Publications  (Peer- Reviewed):

Larsen, S., Dashtipour, K. (2008). Minimizing Disability: An Overview of the Pervasiveness, Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Depression in Parkinson’s disease.   Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

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Larsen, S., & Nguyen, T. (in progress). Domestic Violence is Child Abuse:  Prevalence of Witnessing Parental Violence.


Larsen, S., (in press).  “Social blindness:  An autoethnographic study of the interplay of language, cognition, and genetics in a family with an autistic child”. VDM Verlag Dr. Muller AG & Co. KG 

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Community Journals and other Publications (Non-Peer Reviewed):

Larsen, S., Nguyen, T & Thiruvadi, G. (2008).  Stuttering: Psychological factors and treatment.    The Benson House Clinical Review.  Vol. 53. 

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Larsen, S., & Thiruvadi, G. (in press) A practical understanding of the social work profession in the United States.  Hannah’s Harold

Conferences/Scholarly Presentations:

December, 2007. Best Practices: Treating Autistic Patients. Loma Linda University.

October, 2007.  Annual Conference of the Family Violence Prevention & the Role of Gender Socialization. The Women’s Center, Soroptimist International, The CSUF Joint Task Force on Domestic Violence, & Western State University, College of Law.  Fullerton, California.

August, 2007. Minimizing Disability: An Overview of the Pervasiveness, Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Depression in Parkinson’s disease.  Loma Linda University.