Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall

Full-Time Faculty


I started my career as a  certified substance abuse counselor in 1985. Working in this field gave me the gift of working with diverse and complex populations, ages, and ethnicities . During this period I began to guest lecture in Dr. Hershey's psychology course at Fullerton Junior College. My love for teaching and presenting found its genesis in these years. Dr. Hershey become a mentor in the art of the humanistic approach to counseling. I worked for several years in some of the major hospital-based substance abuse programs in Orange County.  During this time period I was working towards my Bachelors’ Degree in Human Services. I graduated from CSUF in 1992 and completed my Masters’  in Healthcare Administration in 1996.

I worked as a representative for a nationwide health insurance company for 3 years after graduation. In this position I gained knowledge and skills in the field  of healthcare administration and  delivery. I found this position to be enlightening; increasing my skill set, but I  missed the addictions counseling and education field.

I returned to the addictions counseling profession in June of 2000 securing a position in an Orange County Healthcare Agency. I worked in developing a drug court program for juveniles that continues to serve the community today. During this period, I began to teach, part time,  at Orange Coast College, Argosy University and the Rosemead School of Psychology. I was a guest lecturer in the Human Services program at CSUF for Lorraine Thornburg.

In 2011 I was hired as an adjunct Lecturer at CSUF teaching HUSR 380 and HUSR 415. I continued my work at the County of Orange and the other teaching appointments. In 2014 I was offered a full-time lecturer position in the Human Services program. I now teach HUSR 415, HUSR 380, HUSR 300 and HUSR 436.

I continue to study, engage in personal growth , attend workshops, and view myself as a lifelong student.

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