Mikel Hogan

Mikel Hogan

Office: EC-478
Phone: (657) 278-3309
Email:   mhogan@fullerton.edu

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Mikel Hogan, Ph.D. currently serves as the department chair at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Hogan, an applied cultural anthropologist,  has taught courses in  Cultural Anthropology, and Race, Ethnic and Gender Relations for over fifteen years. She has also taught courses in Human Services, an applied program aimed at integrating theory and practice, since 1982 and was chair of the Human Services department from 1997-2004.

Along with teaching and consulting, Dr. Hogan specializes in Organization Culture in the fields of business, education, government, and health and human services.  Her specialties include: Culture Change, Culture and Personality, Processes of Teamwork, Educational Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Organization Culture Change, Social Network Analysis, United States National Culture, The Women’s Club Movement of the 19th Century, and Cultural Diversity Competence Training and Consulting.

Since the 1970's, Dr. Hogan has been involved in numerous urban applied anthropology projects. From 1974-1983, she served as Program Coordinator for a federally funded program through the Department of Education, implementing desegregation plans for thirty two  school districts. From 1982-1993 she was Field Director for the Office of Civil Rights and State Department of Education conducting civil rights evaluations of school districts throughout Southern California. Concurrently in 1989, Dr. Hogan designed and implemented a cultural competence training program for managers and employees working in four work sectors: business, health, education, and human services (non-profit sector). And she has served as the coordinator of the certificate program, "Managing for Excellence with Culturally Diverse Employees and Customers," offered through University Extended Education from 1989-1998.

Based on the rich storehouse of cultural concepts, Dr. Hogan’s applied anthropology training program teaches employees a body of knowledge and skills enabling them to successfully communicate and interact in culturally diverse work settings and communities. Some clients in the training program include: Orange County Social Services, Concept -7 Foster Family Agency, Rhode Island Children’s Network; Kaiser Permanente, Children's Hospital of Orange, St. Joseph Hospitals; Departments of Mental Health for the State of Arkansas, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties; Fairview Development Center, Lanterman Developmental Center; Federal Correction Facility at Terminal Island; Orange County Department of Education and school districts nationally (Portland Oregon, Nashville TN., Los Angeles, Orange County, and  Bakersfield, California).

Her work in urban and applied anthropology also includes serving three years as President of the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Children Adolescents, and Parents  (CCAP). CCAP was a nonprofit human services agency in Orange County which provided family life education programs from 1979 to 2000. In working with CCAP she helped to infuse cultural awareness into its  programs for the benefit of families in Orange County.

Mikel Hogan's scholarly work  encompasses a range of topics. She regularly presents research papers at National Conferences in Anthropology and Human Services. Her publications include articles on the African American and White Women’s Club Movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries in Los Angeles, and ethnohistorical research on the Los Angeles Black community’s social networks and organizations. Dr. Hogan’s publications also include articles on innovative teaching methods in Human Services and Anthropology  and instructional designs for world wide web online courses in Human Services.

Dr. Hogan’s scholarly work is considerable. She has published extensively on her cultural diversity competence training model, a process she has developed since 1989. Her training model’s intent is to foster cultural diversity competence among employees in all work sectorsas well as the community at large. Her books,   The Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence, and its    Training Manuel  was first published in  1999  by Brooks/Cole Publishers. In 2006 the 3rd edition of each book was published.

In 1992, Dr. Hogan was awarded the Jewel Plummer Cobb "Diversity in Education Award" for her "Managing for Excellence with Culturally Diverse Employees and Customers” certificate program at Cal State Fullerton.  In 1993 and 1996, Dr. Hogan was appointed by Governor Pete Wilson to the Fairview State Hospital's  Advisory Board in order to foster cultural competence for improving human relations among the diverse cultures that are represented in the  staff and client population at that facility.  In 1994, Dr. Hogan  received the "HDCS Distinguished Accomplishments in Diversity Award", as well as "The Professionals for Diversity Awareness Award." In November 1995, Dr. Hogan received the "Faculty Scholar Award" for 1995-1996, from the School of Human Development and Community Service at Cal State University, Fullerton.   Additionally,  in Spring 1996 Dr. Hogan received three awards: "University Outstanding  Teacher Award,"  the "Faculty of the Year Award"  from the Human Services Department, and the "Meritorious Faculty-Student Collaboration Award"  from the Anthropology Department. In March 1997, Dr. Hogan  received the “Outstanding Service Award” from the  Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. From 2000 to 2003 Dr. Hogan received five awards for her scholarship, in 2004 she received the Human Services Department and College of HDCS “Seven Years of Chairship Excellence Award”, and in 2006, she received the University’s “Outstanding Service Award.”

Dr. Hogan currently serves on the Board of the Southwestern Anthropological Association, as cultural consultant for a “Nurse Retention” program at two hospitals, funded by a $1.6 million federal grant, and serves as the cultural consultant for a series of nine educational films covering four fields of anthropology produced by Coast Learning Systems.