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Community Engagement


  • CSUF School of Nursing students in their Community Health course helped feed and prepare food for the homeless.
  • CSUF Health Fair applies community health theory in an enjoyable public health event that promotes healthy eating and hydration as well as good hygiene.
  • The Flu Fighters ClinicOpens in new window administers free flu shots for CSUF students.
  • The Community Action Poverty SimulationOpens in new window exposes students to real life simulations of family prototypes they will have to work with once in the field.
  • Nursing students engage in 16-20 hours of fieldwork each week in social work agencies, collaborating with over 120 public or private non-profit agencies on a daily basis.


Child & Adolescent Studies

  • Students must complete two practicums as part of the major. Each of these requires at least 60 hours of field work with children or families. Community placement includes elementary schools, early childhood education centers, non-profit organizations, after school programs, and youth development programs.
  • JumpstartOpens in new window is a leading national nonprofit organization working toward the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. The Center for Internships & Community Engagement launched the Jumpstart program in Fall 2003 at Cal State Fullerton. Jumpstart Fullerton is a collaborative service-learning program between the Center for Internships & Community Engagement and the Child and Adolescent Studies Department. Jumpstart Fullerton is an AmeriCorps program that pairs college students, called Corps members, with preschool children to build language, literacy, and social skills necessary to succeed not just in school, but also in life.
  • Resilient Families Program is a parent-child intervention designed to increase connectedness, lower stress, and promote self-regulation for families. The program involves approximately 20 CSUF students per year who help with all components of implementation and evaluation.
  • The CAS Department and the CSUF Center for AutismOpens in new window collaborate in partnering with local agencies who provide behavioral intervention services to children with autism spectrum disorder. The most prominent component of this community partnership has been the development of a CAS fieldwork course specifically focused on training in these empirically-supported services, providing career opportunities for CSUF students and increasing our ability to meet the need for trained personnel in Orange County.
  • Faculty participate in multiple advisory boards and counsels in Orange County related to children and families, such as Early Childhood OC and Orange County for Education of Young ChildrenOpens in new window .



  • Students complete 700 hours of fieldwork as part of their master’s degree, and 280 of those are direct client contact hours doing psychotherapy.
  • Students begin working as therapists in non-profit community agencies by third or fourth semesters, with the program maintaining strong links to community non-profit organizations throughout Southern California.
  • CSUF partnerships with the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods and Western Digital to provide various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities for children of low-income families. Mother/Father parental workshops and support are also part of the family event.


Human Services

  • Students are required to serve in 3 different internships as part of their degree. We facilitate this by being connected to 180 of our own agencies in the community.
  • Human Services faculty regularly connect with the community as guest speakers, and to do training.



  • Student promote physical activity at local parks by talking with community residents. The students apply the skills of motivational interviewing, goal-setting and dealing with barriers as they help residents become more physically active.
  • Program invites parents and children to participate in a research study exploring parental influences and physical activity.


Military Science

  • Titan Battalion Cadets are dedicated members of the community. CSUF Army ROTC offers several community outreach opportunities to support the local environment and improve public institutions.


Public Health


Social Work

  • Graduate Social Work students engage in 16-20 hours of fieldwork each week in social work agencies, collaborating with over 120 public or private non-profit agencies such as the CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods.
  • Engage in global service-learning activities which are integrated components of an elective course, "International Social Work."
  • Every spring semester, Social Work students travel to Sacramento to participate in NASW-CA Legislative Lobby Days, which is a two-day event that educates students and professionals about important legislation affecting clients and the social work profession.
  • Masters of Social Work Student Association (MSWA) provides a variety of community services throughout the year such as "Food for Families" and "Mentoring for Change."