Reaching Higher in Child and Adolescent Studies



Our Department's Mission & Goals



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Our curriculum provides broad undergraduate preparation for students interested in early care and education, elementary education, special education, and a variety of youth-related social service careers, as well as graduate study in disciplines such as child development, counseling, developmental psychology, and social work. 

Program Mission & Goals


Our mission is threefold:

  •  To prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective professionals working with diverse populations in school, service, and community settings
  •  To conduct developmentally informed research with implications for practice
  •  To make significant contributions to the community through fieldwork and service

Our Goals:

  1. Enhance student learning through ongoing program assessment and implementation of program improvement strategies
  2. Promote student success though effective advisement and support
  3. Expand access to our courses and programs to meet student demand and community needs 
  4. Increase student engagement through participation in high impact practices
  5. Support research and scholarly activities that advance our understanding of developmental processes
  6. Enhance our visibility and connectedness to alumni and the community