HHD Inter-Club Council (ICC)



Who are we?

The Health and Human Development Inter-Club Council is a funding council that includes student clubs and organizations, members-at-large, and an executive board that aims to facilitate greater and improved degrees of communication and cooperation between the student clubs and organizations within the college. The council itself, hosts, funds, and coordinates college wide events such as HHD Week.

What do we do?

The HHD-ICC receives student fees from ASI to be used for student benefit. All recognized HHD clubs report to the HHD-ICC and are allowed to propose funding plans to aid their organization. In addition to funding its member organizations and individual students, the HHD-ICC strives to assist its members in successful operations that benefit student members, the college, and the University.



The HHD-ICC holds weekly meetings on Friday from 10:00 am - 11:30 am in KHS 193F. These meetings are open to all who wish to attend.

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HHD Week

Every year, the HHD-ICC hosts a week-long series of events in collaboration with HHD Clubs and students to promote the College of Health and Human Development, and to further promote the college’s goals.

HHD Week is scheduled in March, 2021.



Typical proposals include funding for professional development events, guest speakers, alumni networking and student travel to professional conferences. There are two types of funding that an individual student or student organization can receive.

  1. 8077 Travel - Travel funding is for all costs related to travel and transportation including airfare, lodging, parking, registration fees, and/or personal mileage reimbursement. Students use the funds from 8077 to attend and/or present research at professional conferences.
  2. 8074 Contracts/Fees - The second type of funding is available to Student Club and Organizations who serve on the HHD-ICC to tap and use to sponsor professional development activities/events. 

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                         Chair                            Rena Mamoun

                        Vice Chair                         Rebecca Yoon

         Director of Event Planning         Andrea Ramirez Rivera

          Director of Administration           Gina Filatov

     Director of Public Relations     Korli Bridges

               ASI Board of Director              Adriana Fernandez

                      ICC Advisor                        Assistant Dean Sasis

ICC Board