Vets and Cadets Endowed Scholarship Award Donate

For many student veterans, the path to graduation is fraught with economic hardships.
Established by founding benefactor and CSUF alumni Gregory Wirzbicki and family members,
the Vets and Cadets Scholarship Fund provides student veterans and outstanding cadets
the financial assistance they need to complete their academic goals.

ROTC Vets and Cadets scholarships are granted through the University's Army ROTC Titan Battalion,
an award-winning squadron that has commissioned nearly 300 cadets as second lieutenants in the
active-duty Army, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve.

Give today and join us in supporting the student veterans who fought for our freedoms. For questions 
and additional information please contact Liz Eastin at (657) 278-5466 or


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Application Instructions


Application Deadline:  April 5 (awards announced in May)   

Amount: $500-$2,000 (subject to funding)

Established by: This award was established by CSUF alumnus Gregory Wirzbicki, his wife Cheryl, and their daughter Kathryn to provide scholarships honoring and aiding Veterans and other students of United States military background who are pursuing a degree at California State University, Fullerton.  The award is meant to assist the student in meeting educational and personal expenses while enrolled in college.

Open to: This scholarship award is open to new and continuing enrolled students at CSUF who are pursuing an undergraduate or a graduate degree and have served or are serving in the U.S. armed forces, including the ROTC program at CSUF. Specifically included are CSUF ROTC cadets who graduated and commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants in the fall semester preceding the awarding of scholarships in May.

Criteria: The award is designed to recognize Veterans and other qualifying students who emulate strong leadership as evidenced through military service, academic success, initiative, altruistic values, and desire to make a difference. Demonstration of such leadership qualities might be observed in activities such as:

     - Past military service

     - Past leadership activities in the community, ARMY ROTC, and/or the university.

     - Strong academic performance; Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 overall

     - Initiative shown in academic classes, labs, student clubs, or organizations

     - Contributions made via independent study, research projects, internships, or club/team activities  

     - Pursuit of advanced degrees/career goals

     - Activities/contributions that have made an impact on individuals or organizations

     - Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at California State University, Fullerton

     - Preference will be given to students who demonstrate financial need through the application process

     - This is an annual scholarship, and all students (previous recipients are eligible) must apply on a yearly basis

Application materials should include either:

     - A resume prepared by student applicant or

     - Highly   recommended: a personal statement or essay by the student describing relevant achievements, life experiences, and future plans. See below for essay guidlines

Awardee is expected to attend recognition event and formally accept the award

Application Procedure:

  1. Log into your CSUF portal and click on the “Scholarships” button. Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the Scholarship Application.
  2. Complete a FAFSA application (or have one on-file) for establishing financial need (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  3. Submit completed application(s) and materials (if required) to the Military Sciences Office in MLS

Essay Guidelines:

The selection committee deciding upon awards from the Vets and Cadet Fund welcomes an essay from those seeking an award. Although merit is the ultimate determinant, the fairest evaluation of any candidate requires consideration of his/her personal circumstances.  The essay thus becomes the candidate’s opportunity to humanize himself or herself and communicate his/her motivation and goals, as well as relate any achievements attained and/or adversities overcome.  The selection committee will especially want to know of the candidate’s past U. S. military service and future plans, if any, to continue in U.S. military service or to enter U.S. military service.  In the essay, the selection committee encourages applicants - Don’t be shy.  Repeat, DON’T BE SHY ABOUT EXRESSING YOURSELF.  The essay should be about the candidate as a person, as well as his or her desire for military service or achievements in military service.   The candidate is free to write the essay in any manner that he or she feels comfortable with (for example, simple narration, or numbered paragraphs, or bullet points). The essay, exclusive of attachments, should be between 1 and 3 pages (more if applicant so desires) and include  any or all of the following:

1) Past or Present US Military Service.     For U.S. veterans or current and ex-US Military, consider providing dates of service, the military branch you served in, current or final rank, and any medals received or other recognition of achievement in the US military.  Feel free to discuss your time in service, e.g., where you served and the details of what you did in the service of your country.  Copies of citations or proof of past service can be attached to the essay.  For ROTC cadets without prior military service, relate your experiences in the ROTC program thus far.

2) Current Obligations. Your current life situation and financial situation are important considerations.  Please detail your personal situation and any family obligations as well (e.g., support of other family members, such as spouse, children, parents, or siblings).  

3) Current or Intended Major (s) (and minor(s), if applicable) at CSUF, your reasons for pursuing a degree in those fields, and your current GPA.

4) Future Goals , whether or not of a military nature.  If, upon graduation, you plan to continue military service through the CSUF ROTC program, or otherwise, identify what you’d like to do in the US military.  If undecided, perhaps identify 2 or 3 options you’re considering.

5) Life Experiences: Adversities you’ve overcome and how you overcame them.  Achievements and accomplishments in life that you care to share.  Please also consider sharing the circumstances of your upbringing, including any financial difficulties involved.

6) Other Considerations. In addition, the candidate is free to inform the selection committee of anything else that would be helpful in considering your candidacy for an award.  Again, don’t be shy!

7) Attachments The candidate is free to add attachments to the essay, for example, copies of document(s) showing prior military service, awards earned, etc.



Past Recipients


Mark Balcarcel
Myra Bendavid
Sara Berlinger
Diamond Byrd
Robert Delatorre
Tyler Harper
Elizabeth Molina
Morgan Powell
Graham Sharp
Hunter Stepp
Noe Vera


Myra Bendavid
Sara Berlinger
Hee Jun (Kelly) Choi
Joshua Klee
Daisy Larios
Octavia (Ozzy) Magana
Tatiana Sevilla
Sherin Tara
Han Jin Woo


“Not only has the scholarship given me the funds to aid in paying for college, but it also added fuel to the fire that burns inside of me. A fire that burns with a passion for becoming the best scholar and the best cadet that I can be.” - Robert Delatorre


“The scholarship helped me to pay my rent as I did summer training. While each of us will use the funds differently, the scholarship makes a huge difference. Personally, it takes stress and worry away and allows me to focus on both ROTC and my classes.” - Sara Berlinger


“I am beginning to gather my gear for my Air Defense Artillery BOLC class and much of that gear is being paid for with the scholarship money.” 
- Octavio Magana