Chair’s Message to Prospective MPH Students

Thank you for your interest in the CSU Fullerton Master of Public Health Program!

There are many good reasons to choose the Master of Public Health degree. The focal role of Public Health in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our nation’s health is but one example. There are also many good reasons to choose CSU Fullerton as the place to earn your degree. Established in 2003, our MPH program was the first accredited program offered in Orange County. Our faculty share a deep commitment to Public Health and to educating the next generation of Public Health professionals. Expert in a wide array of health issues, our faculty are highly engaged in research and community health efforts. With our program’s smaller cohort size, our MPH students benefit from the social support of a cohort model as well as more individualized mentoring by multiple faculty members, which provides many advantages both before and after graduation. We have a vibrant, student-centered academic community and are proud of our department’s commitment to health equity and social justice. We apply feedback from each student cohort to deliver the best learning experience we possibly can through an ongoing process of evaluation, reflection, and renewal—the student experience matters to us, and we are always striving to improve it!

Thank you for your interest in our program, and best wishes to you as you navigate your own Public Health journey.

Michele Wood, PhD

Professor and Chair

CSUF Department of Public Health

Michele Wood

Department of Public Health    | 800 North State College Blvd., Fullerton, California 92834, Room KHS-121,        Phone: (657) 278-3316, Fax: (657) 278-5317