Confirm Sort Reorder

There is no undo feature when you resort the image gallery.

Press the button below to confirm the new sort method.

Yes I want to Resort



Styling The Gallery

CSS styles are not saved as part of the gallery. This allows you, or anyone who uses this gallery, the flexibility to create a look and feel based on the content page where it is used.

Galleries can be used multiple times all with unique CSS styles applied in the page properties where you use them.

For more help you can visit the Gallery section Opens in new window of the OU V4 Help site Opens in new window .

Image Gallery Editor 2.0

This area is used to preview your gallery, edit image meta data, and build layouts

Choose any item from the toolbar or click on any image to start editing data. Images which were marked as inactive in this gallery are automatically hidden.

Data Source Paths:

Within current site:
Another campus site:

Need help? Using a data source tutorial Opens in new window * Using content elements require Campus templates 4.0.92 or greater

Initial Setup Required

You're almost there but before we can preview the gallery you need to first get the index created.

Click on the edit button to launch the gallery editor. The editor will automatically create the index file for you and also allow you to edit metadata on each image unique to this image gallery.

Last Published 4/20/20