Danny KimDanny Kim PhD 

Associate Professor
Location: KHS 247
Telephone: (657)278-5649
Fax: (657)278-5317
Email: dannykim@fullerton.edu
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Advising Areas:
Environmental health, occupational health, and environmental studies

Courses Taught:
HESC 415 (Environmental Health),
HESC 421 (Infectious Disease Epidemiology),
HESC 462 (Environmental Toxicology and Health),
HESC 515 (Advanced Environmental Health), and
ENST 595T (Environmental Toxicology)

Dr. Kim’s unique research and expertise among the Public Health faculty offers diversity to the department.  He has been trained as an analytical chemist with an expertise in basic science research, utilizing scientific instruments such as tandem mass spectrometry, high-performance liquid chromatography, and capillary electrophoresis.  Now, in addition to his laboratory research projects, he has been studying important environmental health issues at the population level.  His research agenda is threefold: 1) to elucidate the function of boron in delaying the progression of prostate cancer; 2) to understand how knowledge and attitudes toward sun exposure and skin cancer influence sun protection behaviors among adolescents and young adults; and 3) to study health risks associated with consumption of energy drinks among adolescents and their behaviors that lead to higher consumptions.  Furthermore, he has deep research interests in health effects of pesticides.  He has recently published a peer-reviewed book chapter on the health effects of DDT.