JasmeetJasmeet Gill PhD 

Associate Professor
Location: KHS 137
Telephone: (657)278-8657
Fax: (657)278-5317
Email: jasmeetgill@fullerton.edu
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Advising Areas:

Epidemiology, Population Based Cancer Research, Research Methods, Predictors of Breastfeeding

Courses Taught:
HESC 501: Principles of Epidemiology,
HESC 401: Epidemiology,
HESC 420: Chronic Disease Epidemiology,
HESC 349: Statistics for Health Science

Dr. Gill’s interest is in breast cancer, specifically differences in the biology of and risk factors for in situ breast cancer and invasive breast cancer.  She’s also interested in serum biomarkers, gene polymorphisms and risk factors for cancer in ethnic minority groups.  Dr. Gill will continue research with the Hawai’i/Los Angeles Multiethnic Cohort and start new projects with minority populations in Southern California.