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Kevin Cummins, PhD
Assistant Professor
Location: KHS 225
Telephone: (657)278-4388
Fax: Fax: (657)278-5317
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Advising Areas:

Substance use, mental health, academic performance, methods


Kevin Cummins, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Health at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Cummins received his interdisciplinary doctorate from the Division of Global Public Health at the University of California San Diego and the School of Social Work at San Diego State University. Dr. Cummins also holds a master's degree in statistics from the Department of Mathematics at San Diego State University and a master's and an undergraduate degree in biology from San Diego State University. His research interests are in advancing approaches to measurement, modeling, and the use of theory in the context of health promotion, with a focus on application to youth substance use and mental health. His current research agenda includes investigations of:

  1. Analytic and methodologic approaches to minimize error in youth self-reports of behaviors.
  2. The relationship among youth substance use, mental health, and academic performance.
  3. The integration of adaptive measurement models and mobile platforms used in the collection of behavioral data.

Courses Taught:

PUBH 349 Introduction to Statistics

PUBH 440 Determinants of Health Behavior

PUBH 510 Research Methods

Current Projects: