Intermittent Fasting and Human Performance

with Dr. Andy Galpin


Research in the College of Health and Human Development

Dr. Andy Galpin, Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton, is an expert on human performance. His research focuses on enhancing physical power, force, and endurance.

Dr. Galpin's current project examines the impact of intermittent fasting on muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth). The study requires one group of participants to restrict their eating to an 8-hour window. This group must skip breakfast, but still consume the same amount of total calories each day as the group that eats breakfast.

The research team, under Dr. Galpin's guidance, is collecting and analyzing data. Once complete, the findings will generate practical applications for scientists, athletes, and anyone interested in the effect of intermittent fasting on human performance.   


 Dr. Galpin Discusses Intermittent Fasting and Human Performance.

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