CSUF ROTC Titan Battalion


  • Biola University
  • Chapman University
  • Vanguard University
  • Whittier College

General Information


Department of Military Science
Military Science Leadership Excellence
Center, Room 103
California State University - Fullerton
800 N State College Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92831
Phone: (657) 278-3007
Fax: (657) 278-7001





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Apply for Enrollment in California State University Fullerton Army ROTC

If you are interested in enrolling in California State University Fullerton's Army ROTC program, we have an online application that will be sent to our recruiting department to help determine your eligibility to join our program and compete for a scholarship.

Upon completing the application, our recruiting department will offer you hasty feedback.

Scholarship Information

Serving your country as an Army Officer is an honor and a privilege. Don't let paying for college get in the way.

CSUF Army ROTC has 2, 3, and 4 year Full Tuition Scholarships available for qualified students. Each scholarship also includes a monthly stipend (allowance) between $300.00 - $500.00 and a $1,200.00/year book allowance.

Stipend Information

Student Level
MS I Cadets (Freshmen)
MS II Cadets(Sophomores)
MS III Cadets (Juniors)
MS IV Cadets (Seniors)


Don’t need to pay tuition? A scholarship can be used for Room and Board instead – up to $10,000/year plus a monthly stipend (allowance) between $300.00 - $500.00 and a $1,200.00/year book allowance.

To qualify for a scholarship, students must be enrolled in the Army ROTC program at CSUF and be a full time student at California State University Fullerton, Biola University, Chapman University, Vanguard University, or Whittier College. Full time students attending local junior colleges must have completed at least 30 semester hours and transfer to a four year school before beginning the ROTC Advanced Course and applying for a scholarship. Moreover, students must be a US Citizen, hold a cumulative college GPA of at least 2.5, be physically and medically qualified, and possess good moral character.

Scholarship Information

Full Tuition Cost at CSUF*


Full Tuition Cost at Biola University* $34,498/year
Full Tuition Cost at Vanguard University* $29,980/year
Full Tuition Cost at Whittier College* $42,690/year
Full Tuition Cost at Chapman University* $23,250/year
Stipend $3,000.00 - $5,000.00/year
Book Allowance $1,200.00/year
Annual Total Received**  
--CSUF $10,518.66 - $12,518.66/year
--Biola University $38,698.00- $40,698.00/year
--Vanguard University $34,180.00- $36,180.00/year
--Whittier College $46,890.00- $48,890.00/year
--Chapman University $27,450.00- $29,450.00/year
Total Received over 4 Years $46,074.64- $191,560

*Scholarship pays full tuition at CSUF or any of our partnership schools (Biola University, Chapman University, Vanguard University, and Whittier College). The numbesr above are the tuitions for of Fall 2015 and is subject to change.

**Annual total received varies due to the amount of stipend received per year. The amount of stipend received follows the above table.

Green to Gold Scholarships are available for qualified Active Duty enlisted Soldiers. These scholarships allow you to attend college full-time while working to become an Officer. Ask the Recruiting Operations Officers for more information or check out the Army's Green to Gold website.

High School Students interested in applying for a four year scholarship at Army's Scholarship website.

Army ROTC scholarships also include priority registration at your university.                                                                                                                          
Please contact the CSUF Recruiting Department for further information.

Contact Information:

Mr. Steven Yach
Recruiting Operations Officer
Office: (657) 278-3527
Email: syach@fullerton.edu
Location: Military Science Leadership Excellence Center, Room 101F