Physical Education Teacher Preparation Program

(Single Subject Credential Program - Physical Education)


The Department of Kinesiology offers the Physical Education Teacher Preparation Program (PETPP) in collaboration with the Single Subject Credential Program – Physical Education (College of Education, Department of Secondary Education). This post-baccalaureate program is one academic year in duration and designed to prepare individuals to teach physical education in the public school setting. Candidates accepted into the program begin the Fall semester by participating in a combination of coursework, fieldwork, and observational experiences that culminate in student teaching experiences in the subsequent Spring semester.

Fall Semester Coursework (15 units)  

EDSC 410 Teaching English Learners in Secondary Schools (3 units)
EDSC 440S Foundations of Secondary School Teaching (2 units)
EDSC 440F Supervised Fieldwork in the Secondary School (4 units)
KNES 449E First Semester Student Teaching (3 units)
KNES 442 Teaching Physical Education (3 units)

The curriculum for the Fall semester is a block of courses integrated with observation and fieldwork. The semester begins on the first day of classes of the assigned school site and ends on the CSUF academic calendar for the Fall semester. During this semester students are in the public school for three class periods a day, four days a week (Monday-Thursday); two periods are spent observing and assisting the assigned physical education Master Teacher(s), one period is spent observing other teachers in academic areas outside of physical education (course credit, EDSC 440F). This observation/assisting period continues for 10 weeks and is coordinated with coursework (KNES 442, EDSC 410, EDSC 440S). At the end of 10 weeks, students begin co-teaching with their Master Teacher(s) and eventually teach a few lessons on their own (course credit, KNES 449E). Every Friday students meet at their Professional Development District (PDD) for an “in-field” class. This course (EDSC 440S) is taught by the PDD Coordinator and is composed of all CSUF student teachers from all academic disciplines assigned to that PDD.


Spring Semester Coursework (15 units)  

EDSC 460 Teaching Performance Assessment Preparation (2 units)
KNES 449I Second Semester Student Teaching (10 units)
KNES 449S Seminar in Secondary Teaching (3 units)

During the Spring semester students begin their student teaching assignments. Student teaching begins at the start of the semester for the school the student has been assigned to. Student teaching ends on the CSUF academic calendar for the Spring semester; students can elect to stay through the close of the school site semester (usually the first or second week in June). The student teaching assignment consists of five periods per day; three teaching periods, one planning period, and one conference period (course credit, KNES 449I). CSUF campus coursework consists of a seminar course (KNES 449S) taught during a week day evening and an assessment course (EDSC 460).


Admission Requirements

Detailed information regarding application procedures and requirements are available at: SSCP ApplicationPDF File Opens in new window

Students applying to the Physical Education Teacher Preparation Program must complete/meet all items as described on the application form:

• University Application
• Credential Program Application
• Application Processing Fee
• Official Transcripts
• GPA – baccalaureate major and cumulative
• Subject Matter Competency (e.g.,   SMPP-PE, SMPP-FormPDF File Opens in new window , CSET)
• Prerequisite Coursework – EDSC 310, 304, 320, 330, 340, Ethnic Studies Requirement PDF File Opens in new window *
• Educational Basic Skills Proficiency (e.g., CBEST)
• English Language Proficiency
• Faculty/Personal Recommendations
• TB Clearance
• Certificate of Clearance (e.g., background check)
• CPR Training Certification
• Interview

Faculty Advisors
Debra Patterson, Clay Sherman, Jingwen Liu