Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) – KHS 192


The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is dedicated to research related to aerobic and anaerobic capacity as it pertains to athletic, sport, and tactical performance. It is equipped with sophisticated measurement devices such as a force plate, linear position transducers, wearable technology, isokinetic dynamometer, timing gates, and other assorted equipment. The purpose of the HPL is to investigate best practices for training while exploring the physiological mechanisms responsible for human neuromuscular adaptations. These include physiological, psychological, neural, and hypertrophic changes that enhance performance. The athletic activities and sports currently analyzed in the HPL include team sports such as football, soccer, and rugby, dancing, weightlifting, and powerlifting.

The HPL also has an ongoing relationship with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), and is heavily involved in law enforcement and tactical research. Current studies include the: tracking of deputy sheriff and custody assistant recruit’s pre- and post-academy training to document changes in physical fitness and predictors of injury; the analysis of the physiological responses of custody assistants to academy training; investigating specific skills relating to law enforcement and correctional populations; and training methods used to enhance health and physical fitness specific to law enforcement and correctional populations. This research also involves collaboration with institutions in southern California, Colorado, and Australia. There are numerous opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student research with regards to tactical populations in the HPL.


For more information please contact:
Dr. Robert Lockie
Assistant Professor Strength and Conditioning
Department of Kinesiology
California State University, Fullerton
800 N State College Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92831
Ph: 657-278-4971