Active Together Exercise Psych Lab


Active together

The goal of the Active Together Exercise Psychology Lab is to conduct research on the promotion of physical activity. We are interested in factors that influence whether someone participates in physical activity or not. Although our primary interest is the social influences that others provide, we are also interested in other personal factors such as self-efficacy as well as aspects of our environment that can impact physical activity.  We conduct survey, experimental and intervention research to attain this goal.  We are interested understanding physical activity behavior across a wide range of contexts such as indoor and outdoor physical activity as well as across a wide range of ages from preschool children to older adults.     

Lab director:   Dr. Kathleen S. Wilson
Phone: 657-278-8329


Helping the Community be Physically Active  

One of our projects is having kinesiology students from KNES 432 Applied Exercise Psychology classes out in the community promoting physical activity. These students are at local parks talking with residents about physical activity. The students are applying the skills of motivational interviewing, goal-setting and dealing with barriers as they help residents become more physically active. Check them out at parks in   Buena Park, Fullerton, Placentia and La Habra.


Research Participation Opportunities: