Current Projects


  • Influence of parental physical activity and sedentary behavior on young children: considering the time together.
    • This study looks at the complex relationship between parent and child physical activity. We explore whether the relationship is stronger when the parent and child are together.
    • This article was recently accepted for publication in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
      • doi: 10.1080/02701367.2020.1727405
    • Promoting physical activity in parks: Kinesiology students serving the community
      • This study is the initial examination of Kinesiology students from KNES 432 service as physical activity coaches in our local communities. We explore the interactions our students have with park users as well as the physical activity levels of park users.

Social Media Use and Physical Activity

  • In this study, we are examining communications about physical activity that is done over social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. We are looking at the reasons for the sharing of physical activity and reasons for not sharing.
  • Our article titled   “Those sweet, sweet likes”:   Sharing physical activity over social network sitesOpens in new window   was recently published in the journal   Computers in Human Behavior:


Collaborating with other researchers:

  • Active Playtime 

     a physical activity intervention for preschool families
  • Stay Well At Home

     a  multifactorial fall risk prevention program conducted with in the home with peer facilitators
  • Active Play @ Home

     a  family-based physical activity intervention for children and adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome
    • This research project is testing the efficacy of a home-based 12 week physical activity program in young children
    • Find out more about the Active Play @ Home Study hereOpens in new window