Study Plans


Graduate Study Plans – General Guidelines
The Master’s degree in Kinesiology consists of a total of 30 units, at least 18 units of which must be 500-level. Once accepted into the program, each student must create an advisor-approved study plan before completing 13 units of work.  With advisor approval, up to nine units of 400/500-level course work, not applied to another degree, may be included on the study plan that was taken at another university or in another department at CSUF.

All official graduate study plans must include the following:

  • Kinesiology 508 – Statistical Methods in Kinesiology,
  • Kinesiology 510 – Research Methods in Kinesiology  (which fulfills the graduate level writing requirement),
  • A minimum of two “Advanced Study” courses related to the student's chosen advisement track. At present, there are (7) seven “Advanced Study” course options that satisfy this requirement,
  • 5 additional approved elective courses. These courses are determined in consultation with faculty members from the student’s sub-disciplinary focus areas. A list of eligible electives can be found on the Graduate Courses link.
  • A choice from one of three culminating experience options: a Master’s Thesis, a Master’s Project, or a Comprehensive Examination.  Students who select the Comprehensive Examination will be required to complete one additional advisor-approved course in Kinesiology.

Sample Graduate Study Plans
All approved graduate study plans will meet the general requirements outlined above. The links below are examples of several potential study plans within the various sub-disciplinary areas offered in the Kinesiology department. These are for illustrative purposes only, and are not indicative of required curriculum choices.

Exercise PhysiologyPDF File Opens in new window

Clinical Sport HealthcarePDF File Opens in new window

GerokinesiologyPDF File Opens in new window

PedagogyPDF File Opens in new window

Sport & Performance PsychologyPDF File Opens in new window

BiomechanicsPDF File Opens in new window

Strength & ConditioningPDF File Opens in new window

Sociocultural and Philosophical Aspects of Human MovementPDF File Opens in new window