Graduate Courses


21 units of elective graduate coursework are to be determined in consultation with faculty members within the subdisciplinary areas of the student's choosing. Sample study plans in various subdisciplinary areas are provided in the Study Plans link. The courses listed below may be included in the Study Plan as elective coursework.

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400/500-level Kinesiology courses—all 3 unit semester courses unless otherwise noted:

KNES 406 Principles of Sport and Exercise Management

KNES 410 Issues in Youth Sports

KNES 414 Legal Issues in Kinesiology

KNES 430 Applied Sport Psychology

KNES 432 Applied Exercise Psychology

KNES 450 Program Design for Strength and Conditioning

KNES 451 Sports Medicine

KNES 453 Clinical Exercise Physiology

KNES 454 Physical Activity and the Aging Process

KNES 455 Functional Performance Assessment and Programming for Older Adults

KNES 456 Environmental Exercise Physiology

KNES 457 Practice of Personal Training

KNES 458 Measurement Techniques in Strength and Conditioning

KNES 460 Worksite Health Promotion

KNES 461 Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement

KNES 463 Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury

KNES 465 Administration and Leadership in Athletic Training

KNES 470 Nutrition for Exercise and Performance

KNES 471 Motor Control and Movement Dysfunction

KNES 480 Gender and Sexuality Issues in Sport

KNES 481 The Socio-Cultural Study of the Olympic Games: Ancient to Modern

KNES 483 Sport in Film and Fiction

KNES 499 Independent Study

KNES 508 Statistical Methods in Kinesiology

KNES 510 Research Methods in Kinesiology

KNES 516 Advanced Study of the Philosophical Perspectives of Human Movement

KNES 532 Physical Activity Promotion and Behavior

KNES 550 Graduate Internship

KNES 551 Advanced Study in Physiology of Exercise

KNES 555 Applied Strength and Conditioning

KNES 557 Instructional Strategies in Physical Education and Sport

KNES 558 Advanced Study in Teaching Human Movement

KNES 561 Advanced Study in Biomechanics

KNES 571 Advanced Study in Human Motor Control and Learning

KNES 580 Advanced Study in Sport and Exercise Psychology

KNES 581 Consultation in Applied Sport Psychology

KNES 582 Advanced Study in Sociocultural Perspectives of Human Movement

KNES 597 Project

KNES 598 Thesis

KNES 599 Graduate Independent Research (1-3)

* With advisor approval, other departments 400/500-level courses may serve as electives.