Graduate Teaching Assistantship


A typical assignment involves teaching 2 or 3, 1 unit sports/fitness classes AND assisting faculty 5 hours per week with duties described above for Graduate Assistant. Applicants must have background experience in a minimum of two activities commonly taught in the physical performance program. Positions are one semester appointments to a maximum of four semesters. Under certain circumstances, appointments may extend beyond the four semesters.  


Approximately $3800 - $5300 per semester dependent on assigned teaching load.

Teaching associate positions are for one semester in duration; applications are accepted and reviewed on a semseter by semester basis.



Must be fully accepted into the M.S. degree program in Kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton prior to the start of the semester.



  1. Submit a current resume.
  2. Complete and submit an application letter. (Please describe your academic and professional experiences as well as

any certifications (e.g., CPR/AED, Personal Trainer, Lifeguard) that have prepared you to

teach the identified classes on the course competency checklist).

  1. Complete the Course competency checklist (Check all boxes associated with courses

(Beginning, Intermediate, and/or Advanced levels) you are qualified to teach and that are

currently offered in the physical performance program.

Click here for the program checklist

Please note that these documents are to be submitted separately from the graduate program application via CalStateApply.

          Joao Barros, PhD
           Chair, Department of Kinesiology
           California State University, Fullerton
           P.O. Box 6870
           Fullerton, CA. 92834-6870