Koren Fisher Koren Fisher, PhD, CSEP-CEP

Associate Professor
Director, Center for Successful Aging
Location: KHS 226
Telephone: (657) 278-2603
Email:  kofisher@fullerton.edu

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Course(s) Taught:  
KNES 349 – Measurement and Statistics in Kinesiology
KNES/PUBH 353 – Physical Activity and Lifelong Well-Being
KNES 454 – Physical Dimensions of Aging
KNES 455 – Functional Performance Assessment and Programming for Older Adults


Dr. Koren Fisher is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and the Director of the Center for Successful Aging. Dr. Fisher completed her post-secondary education in Canada, earning Bachelor’s degrees in Physical Education (B.P.E.) and Education (B.Ed.) at the University of Calgary and completing her M.Sc. in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University, where she specialized in fitness assessment and physiological monitoring in clinical, sport, and occupational environments. Dr. Fisher completed her doctoral work at the University of Saskatchewan where she studied the longitudinal effects of a community-based physical activity intervention on functional fitness and health services utilization among older adults.

Dr. Fisher has significant expertise in intervention design and the assessment of physical activity, sedentary behavior, and functional fitness using accelerometry and various biomarkers associated with healthy aging. Her research program is focused on two primary goals 1) to understand and address underlying functional limitations that contribute to physical inactivity and sedentary behavior, as a means to improve the cardio-metabolic and musculoskeletal health of aging adults and 2) to examine the role of physical activity as a strategy to address escalating health services costs and utilization associated with chronic conditions.


Interest Area:  
Dr. Fisher has a strong background in exercise physiology and physical activity epidemiology and she teaches and conducts research in the area of physical activity and healthy aging. Her current research program includes projects examining the effectiveness of multicomponent exercise programs in older adults, studying the effects of physical activity and sedentary behavior on health and health services utilization in community-dwelling older adults, and developing a community-based sedentary behavior intervention designed by and for older adults.