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Bill Beam, PhD, FACSM


Location: KHS 161  

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Clinical Exercise Science; Fitness and Health Promotion; Sport Studies: Physical Performance  

Clinical Exercise Science; Fitness and Health Promotion

Course Taught:
KNES 348(Exercise Physiology)
KNES 348L (Exercise Physiology Laboratory)
KNES 452 (Grades Exercise Testing and Prescription)
KNES 508 (Statistical Methods in Kinesiology)
KNES 551 (Advanced Study in Physiology of Exercise)

Dr. Beam was born and raised in Orrville, Ohio. While in high school, he competed in football, wrestling and golf and played trumpet in the jazz band that toured the U.S. and Europe. He received his B.S. in biology from the College of Wooster, a small liberal arts college in Ohio. During his undergraduate study, he spent one summer in Vienna, Austria studying art history and German. He completed his graduate work and obtained his Ph.D. in exercise physiology from The Ohio State University. While a graduate assistant at Ohio State, he was responsible for performance testing of all the athletes including football, basketball, baseball, swimming, ice hockey and more. It was a wonderful experience working with so many talented collegiate, Olympic and future professional athletes.

Dr. Beam joined the faculty at Cal State Fullerton in 1983 and the following year began directing the Exercise Physiology Lab and the Physical Performance Program. Under Dr. Beam's guidance, over fifty graduate students have completed their master's degrees and most are now active in the community working and teaching within the fitness/wellness profession. He also previously served as President of the Southwest regional chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (SWACSM), and as the regional chapter representative to the ACSM Regional Chapters Committee.

Interest Area:  
His research interests are varied including sport performance assessment, aerobic and aerobic fitness assessment, physical activity and functional mobility in older adults, and other applied topics in the field of exercise physiology

Current projects:
Dr. Beam’s research interests currently focus on energetic and physiologic responses to acute exercise and adaptations to aerobic and anaerobic training. He recently completed studies that looked at: (1) the contributions of carbohydrate and fat metabolism to running at specific exercise intensities; (2) the energetic and physiologic responses to graded exercise in trained cyclists and their relationship to time trial performance; and (3) the effects of continuous versus interval training on measures of aerobic and anaerobic fitness.