Every student in the Kinesiology major must complete the pre-requisite courses (9 units), foundation courses (9 units), disciplinary core courses (18 units), and upper division writing requirement (3 units).

In addition, students have the option of declaring a specific concentration or remaining as General Studies. Either way, 21 units of additional Kinesiology electives are required, and students must complete a minimum of 120 units total to graduate.

Please check your Titan Degree Audit (TDA) for your exact catalog year requirements as some concentrations have been eliminated and/or revised as of Fall 2021.

FAQ about Concentrations

When do I declare my Concentration? 

  1. You can declare a concentration at any point. However, if you want to remain as General Studies, you do NOT need to declare anything. You can always remain as General Studies, there is nothing wrong with that
  2. MOST KNES Students are General Studies
  3. If you want to declare Pre-Allied Health, you must complete the application in February, 2023
    1. CLICK HERE to learn more about the requirements for Pre-Allied Health
  4. If you want to declare a concentration other than Pre-Allied Health, follow the steps below
    1. Do NOT complete the Pdf
    2. Please complete the ONLINE Change of Major Form here:

How do I declare a Concentration?

  1. Concentrations must be officially declared by the student online using the major/minor change form found HERE - This may take 5-7 business days to process.
  2. If you wish to declare the Pre-Allied Health Concentration you must complete the application prior to the deadline indicated on the form. Click Here to begin application (link to

Can I substitute courses in my selected concentration? 

Course substitutions/exceptions are not available for the Required & Elective courses listed in each concentration.

Once I declare a concentration, am I able to switch my concentration? 

  1. Please be aware, changing concentration multiple times may delay your graduation.

Will a concentration appear on my diploma or academic transcript?

A Declared and completed concentrations will be noted on student transcript and not on diploma