As of Fall 2021, the Department of Kinesiology offers 7 Concentrations (listed below, Clinical Movement Science is no longer available for catalog year Fall 2021 and later) within the B.S. in Kinesiology degree. We are proud to offer the highest number of concentrations of any kinesiology department in the CSU or UC system. This provides students with the opportunity to tailor their career and educational goals more specifically than any other CSU or University in the area. As a reminder, in order to complete a B.S. degree in Kinesiology, every student in the major must complete the Kinesiology major pre-requisite courses (9 units), foundation courses (9 units), disciplinary core courses (18 units), upper division writing requirement (3 units), and one of the 8 concentrations (21 units) listed here or an additional 21 units of elective courses if no concentration is declared and students are completing the General Studies path. 

Please check your Titan Degree Audit (TDA) for your exact catalog year requirements as some concentrations have been eliminated and/or revised as of Fall 2021.

FAQ about Concentrations

When do I declare my Concentration? 

Declaring a concentration should occur upon completing 85 units (end of Junior Year) and/or prior to applying for graduation.

How do I declare a Concentration?

Concentrations must be officially declared by the student; contact a KNES Academic Advisor for procedures on declaring a concentration.

Can I substitute courses in my selected concentration? 

Course substitutions/exceptions are not available for the Required & Elective courses listed in each concentration.

Once I declare a concentration, am I able to switch my concentration? 

Unlike other schools in the area, a student may elect to change and not complete and change a previously declared concentration. Please be aware, changing concentration multiple times may delay time to graduation. To change a concentration, contact a KNES Academic Advisor for procedures and impact to study plan.

Will a concentration appear on my diploma or academic transcript?

A Declared and completed concentrations will be noted on student transcript and not on diploma