Faculty and Staff

Jimmy Bagley, Ph.D.

Jimmy Bagley, PhD (Cellular Imaging)
Visiting Scholar

Dr. Bagley’s work includes 1) developing novel confocal microscopy methods to investigate muscle hypertrophy mechanisms and organelle plasticity in athletes, 2) combining cellular imaging with additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies to produce new pedagogical tools, and 3) assisting with day-to-day operations and graduate student mentoring. He earned a PhD in Human Bioenergetics from Ball State University (2015), as well as MS and BS degrees in Kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton (2010) and Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (2008), respectively. Dr. Bagley recently accepted a faculty position in Exercise Physiology and Muscle Mechanics at San Francisco State University (beginning August 2015). When not ‘sciencing’ in the lab, he enjoys surfing, hiking, lifting, reading about science and philosophy, beer/wine tasting, cooking, and traveling.


Bagley JR (2014). Fibre type-specific hypertrophy mechanisms in human skeletal muscle: Potential role of myonuclear addition. Journal of Physiology, Vol. 592 (23) pp. 5147-5148.

Irene Tobias

Irene Tobias, PhD (Metabolic Protein Signaling)
Post-doctoral Researcher

Dr. Tobias’s work in the lab includes developing novel protein quantification methods in single muscle fibers, exploring fiber type-specific molecular signaling mechanisms of metabolism and hypertrophy, grant writing with Dr. Galpin, lab management, and student mentoring.  She earned a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California, San Diego (2016), as well as M. Eng. and B.S. degrees in biomedical engineering (2008) and materials science (2007) from MIT.  Dr. Tobias enjoys training and competing in a variety of different disciplines (powerlifting, triathlon and Crossfit). These pursuits ultimately sparked her curiosity and interest in muscle physiology, and she seeks to apply her biochemical research skills towards better understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in training adaptations.  Dr. Tobias also enjoys employing science at the bar as an amateur mixologist, particularly the much higher success rate of such experiments and the opportunity to share them with friends.    

Related works: 
Tobias IS, Lazauskas KK, Arevalo JA, Bagley JR, Brown LE, Galpin AJ. Fiber type-specific analysis of AMPK isoforms in human skeletal muscle: advancement in methods via capillary nano-immunoassay.  J Applied Physiology, 2018; 124(4): pg. 840-849 


Kara K. Lazauskas, B.S., CSCS

Kara K. Lazauskas, B.S., CSCS

Kara is a former NCAA athlete with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology.  Her research work at CSUF includes the muscle fiber type analysis of various athletic populations including the weightlifting community.  Her major research work involves fiber type-specific protein signaling during HIIT exercise in male and female athletes. 


Jeremy Siu

Jeremy Siu

Hi, my name is Jeremy! I joined the BMEP Lab in 2017 during the end of my Junior year as an undergraduate here at Cal State Fullerton. I was motivated to increase my exposure to research and I joined this lab since I was interested in the intricacies of skeletal muscle and it’s relation to fitness/performance. Since joining this lab, I helped with many projects (listed below) and have presented 2 posters (National NSCA and SWACSM). This lab has taught me patience, attention to detail, organization, and the complexity of skeletal muscle! In addition to this lab, I am also working on my pre-medical journey. I currently hold a position as a medical scribe at CHOC Hospital and volunteer and program leader at St. Joseph’s Hospital. I am also involved with pre-medical clubs on campus which offer more volunteer opportunities. Lastly, I am involved with many medical mission trips in Mexico and the Philippines. 

I hope to use the skills and knowledge I have gained in the BMEP lab in my future career as a health-care provider to help others understand how skeletal muscle fuels many of the essential biochemical properties in the human body.


Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type in Older Men Receiving Maintenance Hemodialysis Treatment

Extraordinary Fast-Twitch Fiber Abundance Elite Weightlifters

Disagreement Between Two Popular Methods for Assessing Human Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type

AMPK Activation in Human Skeletal Muscle is Fiber Type-Specific following Acute High Intensity Interval Exercise


Cody Hamane, BA, CSCS, USAW Sport Performance Level 1

Cody Hamane, BA, CSCS, USAW Sport Performance Level 1

Cody was born and raised in Hilo, Hi. In 2014, he moved to Southern California to complete his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Occidental College. While at Occidental, he was a member of the swim & dive team and the track & field team. At CSUF, Cody is interested in conducting muscle physiology research to better understand how training interventions create adaptation. In his free time, he competes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. 


Chelscie Pacheco, B.S.

Chelscie Pacheco, B.S.

Chelscie is pursuing her master’s degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning and Biomechanics at California State University, Fullerton. She graduated with her B.S. degree in Exercise Science from Sacramento State University in Summer of 2017, where she was a Division 1 athlete in Women’s Rowing. She also competed in Track and Field and Cross Country at the Junior College level prior to transferring to Sacramento State. In addition to being a graduate student, she teaches undergraduate Swim Classes for the Kinesiology department and is a volunteer assistant coach with the institutions Division 1 Cross Country and Track and Field teams. She is excited to learn more about muscle fiber types and proteins, and how they are affected by change in diet and exercise. During her free time, she enjoys running, lifting, hiking, and exploring southern California with friends.


Daniel Blake, B.S., CSCS

Daniel Blake, B.S., CSCS

            Daniel was born in Buffalo, NY and graduated from Plymouth State University (2018) with a B.S. in Exercise & Sport Physiology, minored in biology, and competed all four years on the NCAA Division I Alpine Ski Team. His interest in muscle physiology spawned from his professor and pioneer in the field, Dr. Frederick Prince, throughout his time in New Hampshire. Danny decided to travel across the country to pursue a master’s degree in Kinesiology from CSUF to learn from and work with Dr. Galpin on the cutting edge of hard science and human potential. His research interests in muscle physiology coincide with human adaptation, optimization and longevity via gene expression and activation. In his free time, Danny enjoys reading, hip-hop music, exploring the outdoors, going fast, and learning new skills.


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