Minor in Kinesiology

Kinesiology Minor (24 units)
(Effective Fall 2011)

A Kinesiology Minor consists of 24 units of approved course work. All courses for the minor must be taken for a letter grade and completed with a “C” or better. Students are required to meet with the Kinesiology Academic Advisor for assistance in developing a cohesive set of courses that best supports their educational, career, or personal goals.

Performance Courses (3 units)
Three courses (1 unit each) must be taken from any three of the following areas: Fitness, Martial Arts/ Combative, Aquatics, Individual Sports, Team Sports, or Racquet Sports.

Required Courses (9 units) *course prerequisites can verified via University Catalog
KNES 202 Introduction to Kinesiology (3)
KNES/BIOL 210 Human Anatomy and Physiology (3)
KNES 360 Movement Anatomy (3)

Upper-Division Electives (select 12 units from the following) *course prerequisites can verified via University Catalog
KNES 325 Techniques of Coaching (3)
KNES 348 Exercise Physiology (3)
KNES 351 Principles of Strength & Conditioning (3)
KNES 353 Physical Activity and Lifelong Well-Being (3)
KNES 361 Principles of Movement (3)
KNES 371 Human Motor Control & Learning (3)
KNES 380 Philosophy of Human Movement (3)
KNES 381 History of Sports, Games & Culture (3)
KNES 383 Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity (3)
KNES 384 Sociology of Sport (3)
KNES 386 Movement & the Child (3)
KNES 387 Movement & the Adolescent (3

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