Assist faculty with various duties such as collecting, organizing and analyzing data, supervising laboratories, developing source materials, searching the literature and compiling bibliographies, developing and operating research equipment, assisting in the conduct of experiments, evaluating student work and examinations and preparing course materials and instructional aides. Assignments may also include student advisement.

STIPEND: Approximately $2,500 per semester (payable in 5 monthly installments). 10 HOURS PER WEEK.

A typical assignment involves teaching 2 or 3, 1 unit sports/fitness classes AND assisting faculty 5 hours per week with duties described above for Graduate Assistant. Applicants must have background experience in a minimum of two activities commonly taught in the physical performance program. Positions are one semester appointments to a maximum of four semesters. Under certain circumstances, appointments may extend beyond the four semesters.

STIPEND: Approximately $3800 - $5300 per semester dependent on assigned teaching load.

Appointment of both types of assistantships are for one semester in duration; applications are accepted and reviewed on a semseter by semester basis.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be fully accepted into the M.S. degree program in Kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton prior to the start of the semester.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Submit a letter of introduction indicating which (or both) type of assistantship requested, a current resume, teaching interest & experiences, and/or area of research/faculty of interest for Graduate Assistant requests. Materials should be submitted to the Department Chair (listed below): these materials are provided separately from the Graduate Program Application.

DEADLINE: May 1 for Fall Semester appointment; November 1 for Spring Semester appointment

Debbie Rose, PhD, FNAK
Acting Chair, Department of Kinesiology
California State University, Fullerton
P.O. Box 6870
Fullerton, CA  92834-6870


Department of Kinesiology

800 North State College Blvd.,
Fullerton, California 92834
Room KHS-121,
Phone: (657) 278-3316
Fax: (657) 278-5317

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