Daniela Rubin Ph.D.

Daniela Rubin
Associate Professor

Location: KHS 138
Telephone: (657) 278-4704
Fax: (657) 278-5317
Email: drubin@fullerton.edu

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Advising Area:
Fitness and Health Promotion
Clinical Exercise Science
Sport Studies

Couse Taught:
KNES 348:  Physiology of Exercise
KNES 348L: Physiology of Exercise Laboratory 
KNES 354: Cardiovascular Exercise Testing and Prescription
KNES 470: Nutrition for Exercise and Performance

Dr. Daniela Rubin obtained her Teaching Degree in Physical Education in her home-country Argentina and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005 with a Ph.D. in Human Movement Science.  Her area of expertise is exercise physiology, in particular exercise endocrinology and metabolism. Dr. Rubin is interested in the promotion of an active lifestyle in children and adolescents. While at UNC, she was involved as a co-investigator in a diabetes prevention trial in middle school children. Since she has been at CSUF, she has worked in community-based physical activity interventions for youth. Currently she is conducting two studies on physical activity programs for pre-school aged children “Active Playtime” and another one in children ages 8-15 years called “Active Play at Home” and has finished the study titled “Exercise Aspect of Prader Willi Syndrome and Childhood Obesity” which evaluated hormonal and metabolic responses to exercise of different modalities and the role of excess body fat. She is interested in the role of physical activity and exercise in the prevention of obesity and its associated conditions. She is an ad-hoc reviewer for several journals, and regularly participates in meetings related to pediatric exercise science.

Interest Area:
exercise endocrinology and metabolism, physical activity and body composition, physical activity promotion in children and adolescents, obesity associated problems in childhood (inflammation, metabolic syndrome).

Current projects:
Hormonal and metabolic responses to exercise in obesity (children and adults); associations between bone density and physical activity in children with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS); the role of a home-based physical activity program in children and adolescents with and without PWS, describing motor proficiency and physical activity in PWS, the role of a parent-based game based program in levels of physical activity in pre-school children.

Department of Kinesiology

800 North State College Blvd.,
Fullerton, California 92834
Room KHS-121,
Phone: (657) 278-3316
Fax: (657) 278-5317

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