John Gleaves, Ph.D

John Gleaves, PhD
Associate Professor

Location: KHS 136
Telephone: (657) 278-5907
Fax: (657) 278-5317
Email: jgleaves@fullerton.edu



Advising Area:
Socio-cultural Sport Studies, Philosophy of Sport, History of Sport, Sport Studies

Socio-Cultural aspects of sport and physical activity

Philosophy, History, and Sociology of sport

Couse Taught:
KNES 380: Philosophy of Human Movement
KNES 381: Sport, Games, and Culture
KNES 380: Sociology of Sport
KNES 516: Advanced Philosophical Perspectives of Human Movement

Dr. John Gleaves, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at California State University, Fullerton. Dr Gleaves received his doctoral degree in kinesiology from the Pennsylvania State University in 2011 where he focused on the historical and philosophical aspects of sport. His dissertation focused on the socio-cultural issues related to doping and performance enhancing drugs in sports. He has successfully published papers in refereed journals including the Journal of Philosophy of Sport, Sports, Ethics and Philosophy, the International Journal of the History of Sport and the Journal of Sport History. Dr Gleaves’ future research aims to explore the ongoing philosophical issues related to sport, science and culture including issue related to doping, gender testing and the medicalization of sport.

Interest Area:
Dr. Gleaves specializes in the philosophy and history of sport with particular emphasis on the study of performance-enhancing drugs and doping in sport including its ethical, historical, legal and scientific perspectives. Dr. Gleaves’ research interests also include the cultural study of areas related to gender, medicialization, and scientization of sport and physical culture.

Current projects:
Dr. Gleaves is currently producing a series of articles devoted to ethical and policy reforms for anti-doping efforts in sport. Additionally, Dr. Gleaves is putting together research for a manuscript that examines the intellectual history of doping in sport as well co-editing a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport devoted to the global history of doping scheduled for 2014.

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