Andy Galpin, Ph.D.

Andy Galpin, PhD, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Associate Professor

Office: KHS 234
Phone: (657) 278-2112
Email: agalpin@fullerton.edu

Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory


Advising Area:
Performance Enhancement, Strength & Conditioning

Couse Taught:
KNES 348: Physiology of Exercise
KNES 351: Principles of Strength & Conditioning
KNES 450: Program Design for Strength and Conditioning
KNES 458: Measurement Techniques in Strength & Conditioning
KNES 470: Nutrition for Exercise and Performance

Dr. Galpin has been an Assistant Professor at California State University, Fullerton, since 2011, but spent the first 18 years of his life in rural southwest (Rochester) Washington. He was fortunate enough to win a Division III National Championship in Football while earning his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at Linfield College (2005). From there, Dr. Galpin spent time as a strength and conditioning/performance coach for a variety of clients that included numerous high profile professional athletes (MMA, BJJ, MLB, NFL, NHL, PGA, Special Forces, etc.) as well as various clinical populations (diabetics, permanently disabled, stroke victims, obese, etc.). He received his Master’s degree in Human Movement Sciences from The University of Memphis (2008) and his Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics from Ball State University (2011). Dr. Galpin is an active member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, and American Physiological Society and still actively coaches/competes in Weightlifting (Olympic-style)and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Interest Area:
Dr. Galpin’s research interests include the acute responses and chronic adaptations to human skeletal muscle (both at the whole muscle and single cell level) following high intensity/velocity/power exercise. Dr. Galpin utilizes skeletal muscle biopsies to assess muscle fiber type, substrate concentrations, and cellular signaling protein activity.

Current projects:
Dr. Galpin’s current research projects include 1) advanced methods of individual human skeletal muscle fiber typing, 2) describing the impact of non-traditional modes of anaerobic exercise, and 3) characterizing impact forces of professional mixed martial arts/kickboxing/boxing strikes.

Department of Kinesiology

800 North State College Blvd.,
Fullerton, California 92834
Room KHS-121,
Phone: (657) 278-3316
Fax: (657) 278-5317

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