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The Department of Kinesiology advances the understanding and practice of human movement across the lifespan within the context of a diverse and changing society.

The Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Kinesiology offer students a variety of professional focus areas including Clinical Exercise Science, Fitness and Health Promotion, Gerokinesiology, Pedagogical Studies (BS only), Sport Studies, and Teacher Education. An undergraduate Minor in Kinesiology is also available.  Degrees in Kinesiology offer advanced study and research opportunities in one or more of the sub-disciplines of Kinesiology:  Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Motor Control/Learning, Philosophical Perspectives, Sport and Exercise Psychology, or Socio-cultural Perspectives. 

The intra-disciplinary focus of the Department’s curriculum fosters the development of diverse values and skills important to a liberal arts education: Critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, verbal and written communication, and technological competency.

The Department provides general education courses and university-wide opportunities for development of skills and knowledge leading to lifelong enjoyment of physical activity, health, and well-being. Internships, independent study, and scholarly outreach provide opportunities for collaboration with and service to the community.

The Department’s goals are to

  • Provide quality undergraduate learning experiences preparing students for professions and advanced study.
  • Provide quality graduate student learning experiences through course work and mentoring.
  • Produce quality scholarship through internal and external support.
  • Enhance the university, community and professions through collegial teamwork, leadership, and provision of expertise.
  • Foster a supportive working and learning environment to promote faculty, staff and student success.
  • Develop and strengthen mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships.



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