Human Services Student Association

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Human Services Student Association (HSSA) is to promote professional and ethical development of its members by providing opportunities for interaction between our members, faculty, CSUF administration, and community providers. Also to encourage service to individuals, families, and the greater community while establishing friendships and to recognize high achievement in the pursuit of academic excellence. HSSA membership is open to all CSUF students who are interested in being a part of our family.


How to Join

1.  ApplicationsPDF File Opens in new window  with the $40 membership fee are to be turned in at EC-454 to JIM RUBY (not Yuying Tsong) or during office hours at EC-105.

  • To receive your member shirt, visit our Office Hours with your receipt.
  • Please see our Office Hours for more details

2.  Wait approximately 1 week to be  added to Titan Links and  receive our emails

  • Emails include: updates about future events, workshops, meetings and MUCH MORE!

3. Log into Titan Links to TRACK YOUR HOURS!

  • It is YOUR JOB sign in and out during our events.
  • You must input and keep track of your hours on Titan Links.
  • • If you have any questions, please contact a board member to help explain the process.

Cord Policy

(* 10 hours can be from outside community engagements. )

Blue Cord  = 10 Hours

Silver Cord  = 15 Hours

Gold Cord  = 20+ Hours

HSSA Medal  = 25+ Hours


Stay updated!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at!

HSSA Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Ruby (Office: EC-454 & Email:

Current information is also posted on the HSSA bulletin board located in the EC building hallway on the 1st floor.

Important Contacts:

Human Services Advisement: (657) 278-5472 (EC479)
Human Services Fieldwork: (657) 278-4496 (EC479) 
Human Services Department: (657) 278-8444 (EC405)