Advice for Human Services Students




Planning for career and professional development after you earn your undergraduate degree

Although the time of your graduation from the Human Services Department may seem very far away, after much studying and learning at Cal State Fullerton, you will indeed earn your undergraduate degree. Even though it takes a lot of effort to finish the program, we recommend you spend some time now thinking about what comes next. These web pages provide advice on building your career after you leave the Human Services Department.
Here's what we recommend for you to do along the way:


Visit the Career Center

Our University has an excellent career centerOpens in new window . They can help you decide on a career path, gain interview and resume writing skills, find jobs, and find graduate schools. Be sure to visit their website, and also, go in person to their office. Make an appointment with a specialist in our field who can personally meet with you to guide you. Attend their workshops. Use their excellent in-office computer programs, such as Eureka, which can help you identify specific jobs and graduate programs in California.

Career Center information:
Telephone: (657) 278-3121
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Monday through Friday
Location: Langsdorf Hall 208


Explore through Undergraduate Experiences

Try out a variety of courses and fieldwork placements to decide what fits you. Which classes have been your favorites, and why? Think about whether you'd enjoy practicing the theoretical perspectives and skills that you are learning. Consider which type of clients or social problems you find motivating to work with. Identify the specialties that you enjoy or dislike. If you like an area, keep it on your interest list. If you find something isn't rewarding, that is also a good thing because you can cross it off your interest list! You may enjoy things you didn't expect to, try out a variety of courses and experiences to discover what type of career you’ll find meaningful.



Make an effort to talk to your instructors, supervisors, advisers, etc. Make a habit out of bringing up the subject of life after graduation during faculty office hours or supervision time. Ask about careers and impressions of different fields. Ask about graduate programs. Share your experiences, likes and dislikes to get input from wise others.


Explore Specific Human Services Fields

Spend some time getting to know the specific sub-fields that make up the Human Services Professions. Actively explore by talking with professionals in specific fields and reading about different career paths. Look over professional organization websites and consider joining as a student member. You can also look up useful information about careers and average salaries of various positions at the U.S. government department of Labor website.


Consider Working or Seeking Graduate Education

Many Human Services graduates put their learning and skills to use by immediately going to work. There are a variety of jobs available for you. Job postings are available outside the Human Services Advising Office.
About half of Human Services graduates pursue further education. You may decide to seek more training immediately upon graduating or after gaining some work experience. Follow the links of Graduate Programs for the advice on choosing specific graduate programs and Degree and Licenses to find out more options.


Post graduation surveys indicate that our graduates are both well-received and well-prepared for starting careers or entering graduate school after finishing the Human Services program. Hence, we hope that you too will feel ready and positive about whatever you do after graduation. Start planning now and enjoy the journey!