CICE Placement/Approval Process


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There are two standards an internship must meet in order to be eligible for credit in HUSR 396, 495, and 496. 

  • Alignment with the field of Human Services
  • Adherence to CSU risk management policies and Department of Labor
    • Approval MUST be granted by the University’s Center for Internships & Community Engagement (CICE)





  • If your position is listed as an “Academic Internship” on Titan Connection, it has already been approved and you may complete your CICE PlacementOpens in new window as soon as you accept the offer.
  • Log in with your CSUF password, complete all the information requested, and select your site when prompted. All approved sites will be listed. If your internship does not appear in the dropdown list when registering, contact the CICE Office at (657) 278-3746.

Other Non-registered Sites

    • If you found your internship outside of Titan Connection, your internship supervisor must submit a company profile and internship description to CICE in order to be approved.  
    • You can start the approval process by completing the online Registration request formOpens in new window .
    • An email with instructions will be sent to your site supervisor. It is your duty to ensure their site is approved in a timely manner.  Contact CICE to confirm approval of internship site.  Please allow 1-3 weeks to finalize your site registration approval. Twenty-four hours after your site has been approved, you are able to proceed to CICE PLACEMENTOpens in new window .



“What if I want to use my workplace as my FIELDWORK site?”

Students are allowed to use their workplaces for fieldwork sites if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The workplace is registered and approved by CICE
  2. The student's fieldwork activity is appropriate and consistent with the requirements for all HUSR Fieldwork 

If your site is NOT registered (approved), you need to request approval Opens in new window prior to beginning your fieldwork on CICE.  Contact CICE for further information at (657)278-3746.