On-Site Fieldwork Instructions

Review and complete the following instructions to intern “on-site:”

1)    View the Onsite Fieldwork Agencies (sites that will take an intern physically)


a.     Contact the agency to set up an interview. You can call or email the agency supervisor.  Begin this process             early as there are limited internships available.  You may interview more than one agency.

b.     These sites have been cleared by the Risk Management Office to intern onsite safely. More sites may be                 added in the coming months.  Check back often.

2)    After you have been selected and you plan to intern at the site, you MUST complete the University COVID waiver          online. This is mandatory for all onsite interns!!!

Go to:  https://app.calstates4.com/fullerton/covid_waiverOpens in new window   to complete this process.

3)    Complete your “e-Fieldwork form” online by viewing the agency you have selected. On top of the page, click on                 “Access Fieldwork Placement Form,” open the form, and complete the required fields.  Review your entry for                     accuracy before submitting the form.  You will receive a verification email of your entry.