Fieldwork Forms

On this page you will find the Fieldwork Forms needed for VIRTUAL and ONSITE Fieldwork. Scroll down to Forms and Instructions and follow Steps 1 – 5. If you are completing an Alternative Assignment in your course, you do NOT need to complete any forms for fieldwork. Work directly with your fieldwork instructor and complete all assignments by the due dates.



  • VIRTUAL FIELDWORK – Review the Forms & Instructions for your class (Steps 1-5)

                 1. Verify whether your site has been approved by the University Risk Management Office
                       before you go out.  Ask your agency supervisor or the Fieldwork Coordinator.
                 2. Go to:  (Step 3)
                       to complete the University COVID Waiver.
                 3. You must verify and complete these steps before you are allowed to intern onsite.
                 4. Review the Forms & Instructions for your class (Steps 1-5 below).

  • ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT – If you cannot find a virtual or onsite internship, your instructor
    will provide instructions on completing an Alternative Assignment.


Forms & Instructions

1. Fieldwork Placement InstructionsPDF File Opens in new window   (PDF)

     The Fieldwork Placement Form is submitted electronically.  Go to the Approved Agency Directory    
      and follow the instructions. All students must submit a form online each semester regardless
      if you have interned there previously.

2. Learning Agreement Instructions & FormPDF File Opens in new window   (PDF)

Complete the Learning Agreement with your supervisor. You will both sign this document and
send it to your instructor for review.

3. Participation GuidelinesPDF File Opens in new window  (PDF)

Read the Participation Guidelines and complete the document. Sign the bottom of the form and
send it to your fieldwork instructor.

4. Student Hourly Recording FormPDF File Opens in new window  (PDF)

5. End of Semester Evaluation Instruction & Verification FormPDF File Opens in new window  (PDF)


Feel free to email Juli Martinez at
if you have questions and/or comments regarding fieldwork or the contents of this material.